ID2ME ID1 in the Practice Test: A Thumb for the Denmark Smartphone?

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Test conclusion: what you should know

The Danish start-up ID2ME brings an interesting Smartphone with the ID1 to Germany. The Android interface is refreshingly different in the software unit test, but lots of patience with the adaptation is needed and is by far not as fast and precise as the conventional gun it method to steer. For solid technology from the lower middle class, the Danes with a retail price of 399 euro require a lot of money. Per interesting surface,… Cheap memory upgrade thanks to microsd dual SIM changeable back contra… Not for everyone is value for money for building technology not good enough battery not replaceable satisfactory assessment of editorial Apple, Samsung, Huawei & co. Build smartphones in the chord. One is faster than the other, thanks to metal look or glass back even fancier than its predecessor. The annual procedure repeats itself. If then no longer much to get out, simply yet more technology into the small box comes in. The software across established over the years but remains, often only a visual makeover gets missed and features that many can no longer understand or want to. A problem, that fight not only the older ones among us in understanding duel, with the mobile guide can be.

Android 7.0 Preview in the practice test: all about Android N!

Known not just as the stronghold of Smartphone development in Denmark brought a teenager his mother to reconsider. The young man wanted a Smartphone, the apps with one wipe open no more and no less. Christina Agger, worked for many years in the mobile industry, and among other things at Nokia, answered the request of her son and developed their own Smartphone in less than two years. The beginning of the Danish Smartphone startups ID2ME, which now wants to gain a foothold with the debut of ID1 and Agger as CEO to Denmark in Germany. A bold undertaking at the concert of the great to play with. But that should not be the goal. With their specially adapted operating system, the Danes want to conquer a different specific niche anyway.

ID1 by ID2ME: the slightly different Smørrephøne

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Software: thumb up…

At the ID1, the thumb plays the main role! The modified Android interface is specifically designed on the outermost fingers, what should be one or the other face unusual challenges in now as usual operation. The principle is quite simple. Actually. So, the installed apps (maximum 12 per page) are arranged in a circle in unlimited categories. Are as placed in the classic telephone dial, can be but unlike calling: the user moves his finger to the left or right, he leafed through the individual categories. Three additional pages for social media & co. Are installed in addition to the settings and Favorites You can rename based on demand and create more pages. You moved your finger then just above or below, the user through each app navigates itself. The desired app is found, the finger is released and the app launches.

… Or thumbs down?

Sounds like a complicated science and need some time in the transition, but is a real alternative to the usual operation. If the Danes improve the implementation to date! So, it is so far not yet possible to open apps in the normal way at your fingertips, and to combine the very existing advantages of both methods. Also, sorting the apps is just very cumbersome possible settings. An easier move would save time and nerves. It goes to the developers, future updates provide such control options. What you can hardly change: is the novel control method once passed in flesh and blood, waiting for the real problem. Who leaves the alternative interface, get raised the old format in the open apps. The brain must get used to repeatedly back and forth permanent change. The tiring and is anything but intuitive.

Optics: rounded square

The ID1 is top rectangular and rounded on the sides, visually reminiscent of a mix of Microsoft’s Lumia smartphones and the Xperia’s Z series by Sony. Interchangeable backs provide a more individual look. In the delivery State, the ID1 wrapped a black matte cover that is pleasant to the touch. If you like more colorful exchanges to the cover against the Red alternative. By the Red high gloss finish, fingerprints and greasy fingers are but inevitable. On the front ID2ME a 5-inch display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) would be built more for the exceptional operating concept have been also not helpful. On the upper and lower surface of the cream the startup could have, saved even a little room in total would have improved the handling. An image density the crisp display in this discipline leaves no wish unfulfilled 441 ppi, for it lacks the color rendering of brilliance and the screen a total contrast.

Technology of the China bar

Usually learn more about the technical strengths and weaknesses of the smartphones at this point. Well, they’re quickly tells when the ID1: an eight-core processor by mediatek (Kit with 8 x 1, 7 ghz) provides enough speed for today’s standards, manageable 2 gigabyte memory support. So keep a solid middle-class device and not a high-tech monster in the hands. Even with the camera, the Danes of ID2ME use on the common Sony sensors in many middle-class smartphones. The Vord erkamera resolves with 5 megapixels and is sufficient for a Selfie to break out, but suffers from blur and noise. Also the rear Knipse shoots decent snapshots, suffers from same Smartphone diseases such as the front lens however especially in low light. For the retail price of 399 euros, there are better camera alternatives, such as Motorola’s Moto X style.

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LTE and dual-SIM vs. Weak camera

The 2500 Milliamperstunden (mah) to small dropout according to modern standards and non-replaceable battery is a problem child. The evening walk to the wall outlet is accordingly inevitable and useful. Due to the missing quick charge feature quite a bit of time before the ID1 is again filled full of energy passes is. The installed speakers are particularly energy saving, if one wants to express it as positive. The Mono box placed on the back sounds hear the music as well as for handsfree phone calls so blechernd that you prefer yesterday morning Dodge on headphones would. Speaking of Dodge: who separates work-life so far with two cell phones, can use the dual-SIM option when the ID1. One dominated by two then also the fast LTE standard (CAT4, maximum 150 megabits per second). Who prefer (NET only 11.1 gigabytes are available) would like to replace small failed internal memory with its 16 gigabytes, uses the hybrid slot for an additional micro SD card.

ID2ME ID1: price and availability

The ID1 is available from 17 March at a price of €399 exclusively through the online-shop of the Danish ID2ME of startups. A sale of more Internet shops or electronics retailers is not provided. Also a removable cover in red high gloss finish next to the black matte cover is included in the retail version.

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