Humble Mobile Bundle 12 Pay What You Want and Get the Games for 100 Dollars

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New Humble Mobile Bundle is put up for sale, in the first place with games to a value of 100 kroner and more on the way.

Humble Bundle is ready with yet another package of mobile games, as usual you can decide for yourself how much you will pay and how the money is to be distributed between developers and charity.

No matter how much you pay, you receive the following three games:

– The Last Express

– Space team (premium edition)

– Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

Are you paying more than the average (right now at barely 25 crowns), you’ll get three more games on top of the hat, including the unimaginably acclaimed Monument Valley. It must also be said that there are more games on the road, as you also receive if you pay more than average, Humble Bundle adds some more games over the course of next week.

– Monument Valley

– Blek

– Joe Danger

Right now will the purchase of these games amount to approximately 100 dollars directly from Google Play (exclusive Space team which is free, but on the other hand, contains purchases in the app-in this package you will get premium edition which has all content ‘ locked up ‘)