Huawei 7 P Is Already Registered, Do New Nexus in Path?

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There are many heads pointing to Google and another with an eye to the rest of the world, excited by the announcement of the next Nexus devices. The range is more open than ever now that Alphabet has dared to be assembler with Pixel C, at the same time that LG has removed from the race for being the preferred partner.

The last focus lights to Huawei. The largest seller of smartphones in China, which never stops growing and expected reach 120 million units this year, It has registered the name Huawei P7, reminiscent and much to the of your outstanding and expensive Nexus P6.

Since the beginning of this month, that name has been reserved for the Chinese gignate. The only thing that is known to science certain is that Huawei P7 concept is owned and refers to technology related to mobile phones, smartphones, smartwatches and all that commercial family. This is the document of record, achieved by Phandroid.

Despite the sequential similarity, the word Nexus does not appear anywhere. Starting could become in a disabled registration, leaving aside the Google brand leave the door open to Huawei would like to continue with this range without the collaboration of partner. If so, it would dare with a first level and pure N Android smartphone or introduce your UI Emotion in it?

If the deadlines are as usual, we have the summer ahead to find out what brought hands between these two companies and what will be the future of the Nexus or if this Huawei 7 p is in it.