HTC, ZTE and Huawei Not Have Infringed The Patent of a Former Subsidiary of Apple

Recent years have witnessed many times how big companies of the technological market denounce each other, accusing of infringing the patents that some of them have previously registered. Interestingly, Apple has been involved in some of the disputes they have made more noise for years, probably motivated by the high number of patents registered.

However, on this occasion the Cupertino firm has not been involved directly, though, somehow, if indirectly, in litigation held, on the one hand, by FlashPoint Technology, a former subsidiary of Apple, and, on the other, by HTC, ZTE y Huawei.

FlashPoint was founded in 1996, and is specialized in the design of solutions that facilitate the convergence of Internet and all types of digital content (music, video, images, etc.). Currently, this American company has more of 80 patents already registered, and more than 100 pending approval.

According to its makers, the three manufacturers of smartphones that I mentioned earlier may have violated a patent of FlashPoint associated to the Chamber of the terminals. But, on this occasion, the International Commission of the United States trade has ruled in favour of HTC, ZTE and Huawei. These three manufacturers they have committed infringement some. Probably, we will soon have some other similar litigation news.