HTC 10: Test, Price, Update Info Everything Important To The Boom Sound Phone

Test verdict: What you should know

The HTC 10 is a good Smartphone. His edgy body stresses from the set, the details it offers HTC fans: which Android device transfers already ¬¨Musik via Apple airplay or a Selfie camera with optical image stabilizer against shaky videos? But that is not enough to animate about users of Galaxy S class to change the device. As camera and display not quite convince. It is therefore not easy for the HTC 10, to stand out from the crowd. Best price on the Internet: 479.00 EUR * Pro scratch Festival housing order this product at Amazon good battery life sharp display music via Wi-Fi/airplay image stabilizer also fast operation counter display little dark bad photos in low light to loud headset test note of the editorial 2.28 good users rating (out of 1 reviews) with chic Android phones full metal the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has made a name for itself. But almost every manufacturer offers chic metal design. HTC 10 must show in the laboratory test, whether it is against the Galaxy S7 and what world news it’s actually hiding.

HTC 10 now available


The new top model of HTC in Germany is now available. However, not every manufacturer has same colours in the delivery: while the normal dealer offer the HTC 10 in all three colours (black/carbon grey, white/silver, gold), you have no choice with the providers. In the Telecom and Vodafone, there is the Smartphone only in black (carbon grey), with O2 in white and gold.

HTC 10: Update


In the meantime HTC has made available the first update for the HTC 10: it bears the 1.30 version number. According to the first reports of experience on the Internet’s aims to improve some system stability and the image quality of the built-in camera. How so often ends up the new software only on devices that are not branded users with Telecom, Vodafone or O2 models must be anything be patient.

HTC-10 design: No more round


Who holds the new HTC in hand, recognizes a clear difference to the predecessors of one series at a glance: though is also the HTC 10 in a full metal housing. Instead of curves, edges govern the case sides but this time, they are slightly slanted and so not sharp feel due to the low angle, there are no overly sharp points. It has the HTC 10 now more character, is to distinguish, which offers mostly rounded, or but very straight edges from the competition at a glance. A boon when operating is the real home button mounted below the screen with built-in fingerprint sensor. Unlike as in its predecessors, where the home button as a symbol was down appears on the display, so the display area is always fully usable.

Why did bite from the teeth is the laboratory at the HTC 10


The HTC is tough. The test showed the all-metal body as as scratch resistant as the display. Unlike the Galaxy S7 is the HTC 10 but not really waterproof, but at least to IP53 norm against dust and rain (more precisely: against spray water up to 60 degrees from the vertical) be protected. In a discipline, HTC 10 stays true to its predecessors one M9 and one M8: the construction is hostile to repair. The display of the HTC 10 is glued to the windshield and this in turn with the metal body. So, the opening of the unit for the measurement of the power consumption of the electronics caused damage to the display.

Made flagship HTC 10 under the magnifying glass

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HTC-10 display: Sharp, but dark


So far HTC had always said that a full-HD display is completely sufficient for normal Smartphone sizes. That is also true. However, HTC bowed himself now the competition from Galaxy S7 and co. and equips the 5.2-inch screen with crazy sharp Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). Also the color fidelity is good similar to when the S7. The contrast lower compared to Samsung is a result of display technology (LCD instead of AMOLED) and still to get over. Annoying but is the relatively low brightness (437 CD/m2 instead of over 700 with Samsung), the lags well behind the iPhone 6S (over 600 CD). On bright sunny days to stop themselves better with the HTC 10 in the shade, to detect everything well.

Video on the subject

HTC has not easily it dominates the market Samsung. That may be changing with the HTC 10? The test shows what’s got the new smartphone. HTC 10: Two world firsts and a laboratory test

World’s first number 1: A touch of Apple


Clever extra for users with Apple technology at home: as first Android, the HTC 10 with Apple’s Airplay feature comes. So we hear music through Apple TV, receiver or music receiver with built-in airplay feature. But the technology to do so is hidden: it first retrieves the settings menu and submenu HTC connect on. After finding Wi-Fi (in the menu for DLNA) appear available airplay audio playback devices on the same wireless network name airplay avoids HTC but and speaks in the menu incorrectly by DLNA, possibly to avoid legal disputes with Apple. Special feature: The sound output via airplay is the HTC 10 all apps available. Good for sound recordings and phone calls: three microphones are installed to reduce background noise. In checking the quality of the phone convinced the HTC 10 calls on the ear as well as in hands-free mode.

World’s first 2: Front camera


HTC itself had already boasted in advance via Twitter, the new camera offers a world’s first. There actually is. However, it is interesting just for Selfie – or video chat fans. Because for the first time when a Smartphone also the front camera carries an optical image stabilizer at HTC 10. This theoretically against too shaky videos makes and also better pictures in dim light, because the aperture without camera shake will remain open longer. The front camera is well equipped with 5-megapixel resolution and a bright aperture of f/1.8. Also HDR shots and videos with full HD resolution, are also possible. A pretty idea has cribbed HTC von Apple. Optionally, the photos display flashes briefly bright, is to some extent a Flash replacement. Apart from the image sharpness and the pixel size, the front-facing camera in the HTC 10 is so much more than just a camera for casual Selfies. The front camera showed a good quality (Note 2.31) regardless of the shaky protection in the test.

New camera in the hard laboratory test


For most users, the camera on the back of the unit should be even more important. Here, HTC returns to the roots and is presenting a new generation of the ultra pixel technology introduced with the previous predecessor HTC one M8. So one has similar reduces the resolution compared to its predecessor HTC one M9 as at the Samsung Galaxy S7 to 12 megapixels. HTC according to the camera sensor in the HTC 10 this to have the currently largest pixel (1.55 sq m compared to 1.12 square meters at the HTC one M9), allowing the camera to capture much light. Also the bright aperture of f/1.8 and the optical image stabilizer to ensure better photos in poor lighting conditions. The lens is made up of six lenses and an infrared filter. In the laboratory the camera despite all these efforts but not fully convinced: the at the top of the camera not quite leap given significant blur at the edges. With a photo note for daylight shots of 2.74, HTC 10 just behind the Galaxy S7 edge (rated 2.48) and far behind the best smartphone cameras such as the Moto X Force (see note 2.01) and Lumia is located 950 XL (Note 2.26). In the Foto-test low light contrast, disappointed the HTC 10 completely: here showed photos of little details and also strong edge blur, so it was enough only to a mark of 4.5. However just a few smartphones shine, even the Galaxy S7 edge reached only a touch of 4,4 in this discipline. Only the Lumia 950 creates good photos (rated 2.0) in low light. The new Pro mode in the camera app is great for creative. Who wants here is RAW format popular for photo editing as storage format (with 12-bit color depth), but requires more storage space. Shortly after the 10 HTC, HTC Middle may 2016 brings out the somewhat better HTC one S9 that owns a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilizer differently than the original HTC one M9.

Good videos in 4 K


Video footage showed a good quality (Note 2.24) in the test, available in 4 K and in slow motion (120 frames per second at 720 p resolution). A second-generation laser autofocus to sharpen even with subjects further away faster, both video and photos.


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HTC 10 reacts very quickly


The HTC 10 is one of the first Smartphones that come in Europe with Qualcomm’s new top processor Snapdragon 820 on the market that works with up to four cores (very’s two low-power up 1.6 GHz that quick two up to 2.2 GHz,). These are complemented by lush 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory (RAM) and 32 gigabytes of internal memory. There should still be a memory card slot. Unlike as in Samsung memory cards can be as a substitute for internal memory format, so that apps install directly become. Short micro-delays in the operation of menu interface are a problem of some Android smartphones. Even when Samsung S7 are finding every now and then. In the test of the HTC 10, however, worked the HTC’s own sense interface (HTC sense 8) without delays, received top marks at the control rate. Background: It has slimmed down HTC sense, to not slow down the operation of the underlying Android 6.0. CPU-heavy speed measurements of different applications, however, reached the HTC 10 not quite the level of Galaxy S7, but was still quite fast in the cut. Elsewhere, HTC is on pace: on the underside of a novel USB type C connector is in the high-speed USB-3.1-standard, Wi-Fi ac there is also fast LTE.

HTC 10 with strong battery


The HTC 10 is well equipped with a battery capacity of 3,000 mAh. In the test, the device also in case of intensive use reached a proper run time of 10 hours and 53 minutes. Should be empty the battery HTC 10 once, that works out refueling snappier than before: HTC finally by default a quick charger supplies, again half charging an empty battery based on Qualcomm’s quick charge 3.0 technology in about 30 minutes. Wireless charging but is missing. A simple battery change is not possible, the housing can be otherwise than at the LG G5 not just opened.

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Boom sound very different


On the bottom, the HTC 10 carries only a speaker instead of two as in the predecessors. Yet the phone is designed to provide a powerful sound (called by HTC boom sound), because another speaker is hidden in the upper part of the housing. The lower speaker depth and Center should bring this sound like a two-way box in the living room, the upper chassis is intended for high frequencies. All sound processing is done in 24-bit. In the test, the HTC 10 when connected to a stereo system actually delivered a very good sound. The supplied, rather high-quality headphones, however, was negative in the test by high volumes. Users should therefore not maximum turn up. Advantage in practice: in a listening test the HTC 10 playback frequencies votes so, weaknesses of own hearing at certain frequencies can be partly offset.


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Conclusion: HTC 10


The HTC 10 is not a revolutionary product. But especially for camera and sound the HTC engineers have taken much time, so convinced the Smartphone in detail. In terms of photo quality you probably finally left the failed experiments of previous generations behind. The final laboratory test in the near future brings details to days. Regardless of it is clear: for HTC fans, HTC 10 might be the best smartphone of the Taiwanese people. But to convince owner about Samsung and Huawei devices to the Exchange, a striking characteristic is missing the Smartphone.

Availability and price


The HTC 10 comes in black, silver and gold and is available from early may for 699 euros (price recommended by the manufacturer). O2 sold it in a bundle with the AKG Y50 headset.