How to Take Music of the Call the Mobile?

There is much more to the sounds in your Android phone or iPhone that the volume control on the side of your device. You can mess around with dozens of settings sounds your device, including removing the songs call. You can also adjust the equalizer of the music, decrease the volume of the music without calm the alarm and to mute the sound of “lock” that the device makes when you put it in standby mode.

Enable or Disable the keypad Tones

By adding some feedback in the form of a small touch to each key can be a lifesaver when you touch the keys, lowercase letters on the keyboard slippery the screen of the device. Then again, maybe all the clickety-clacking while you are typing on your Android phone or iPhone is leaving a little wacky. Anyway, there is an easy way to enable or disable the clicks on the keyboard of Android and iOS.

For Android, tap Settings -> Language & input and then tap the name of the keyboard you are using (under “Keyboards and input methods”). To the Android keyboard default, tap Preferences and enable or disable the Sound configuration on the key. While you’re at it, you can also choose whether your device vibrates when you touch a key, by inverting the appropriate button.

If you are using a third-party keyboard, you might need to search a little to find the correct setting. For the popular keyboard SwiftKey, for example, you need to tap on Sound and vibration, and then select (or clear) the sound setting Keypress.

For iOS, tap Settings, and then click Sounds. Scroll to the end, and then turn on or off the option Touches of the Keypad.

How to Remove the Lock Sound on the Phone?

There is something comforting in the sound of your Android or iOS device blocking to itself when you place it in suspension. That said, there is nothing that prevents you from muting the sound of “lock”.

For Android, tap Settings, Sound and Notification, touch sounds, and then enable (or disable) the setting of screen Lock.

For iOS, tap Settings, Sound, scroll down all the way and turn the option to Block sounds.

Prevent Volume Buttons from Changing Volume of Ringtone or Alert

Here is an interesting problem for those who use their iPhones or iPads as alarm clocks: when you use the volume keys of your device to, say, decrease the volume of a song, a YouTube video or any other thing that is making noise on your phone, you can inadvertently be lowering the volume on your ringer and alert tones, too.

Fortunately, there is a setting in the iOS that prevents the volume buttons from your iPhone or iPad to change the volume of the ringer or alerts. Tap Settings -> Sounds and then deactivate the option ” Change with buttons under the header Ringer and Alerts.

Set Custom Ringtones to Specific Contacts

You probably don’t need to be told that he can choose different ringtones for the ringtones the main Android and iOS, or that you can, for example, to change the sound of an e-mail iOS sent. What may not be so obvious, however, is that you can assign different ringtones to specific contacts in your address book of Android or iOS. In other words, you can set your device to hear a ringtone when your boss calls and another when it is the mother.

For Android, open the Contacts application and tap on a contact card. Tap on the Edit button (the one that looks like a small pencil), tap on the menu button three dots in the top corner of the screen, and then tap on the option set ringtone. Choose a new tap and everything is ready.

For iOS, open the Contacts application, tap a contact, tap the Edit button and scroll down to the Ringtone field. Touch in the current touch (probably set as Default), and choose a new one. While you’re at it, look just below to find a configuration of the tone of the text and repeat to set a custom ringtone for texts received from the contact.

How to Cancel Music Call Vibration?

Then, the vibration counts as one sound? You can (literally) feel this way when your phone is vibrating at the same time that is playing, or if he will issue a “buzz” along with your taps. If you prefer not to feel as well as hear that your Android phone or iPhone is playing, or if you just want to save the battery while keeping the vibration at a minimum, there is a simple setting that you can change.

For Android, tap Settings -> Sound and notification, and move the configuration also vibrate for calls. Then, tap Other sounds, and then do what you want with the setting to Vibrate when ringing.

For iOS, tap Settings -> Sounds and toggle the setting to Vibrate to the touch. You can also disable the setting to Vibrate when Silent, although you might lose one or two connections, if your iPhone is muted is in your pocket.

In the sound settings of both, in sounds/ringtones, just choose “silent” or “none” to take advantage of the silence.

Fit with Their Levels of EQ

The iPhones and iPads has a wide spectrum of presets eq to choose from, while Android devices have an equalizer of five bands real (or virtual, at least) that you can adjust until your songs are perfect.

For Android, tap Settings -> Sound and notification, and then tap audio Effects at the top of the screen. Check if the key audio Effects is turned on, and then go ahead and tap on these five levels, or tap the drop-down menu Equalizer select a default. If the device is connected to stereo speakers with wire, touch the tab, wired Stereo to choose a profile of effects (such as “3D stereo”, “home theater”, “stage to live”, and so on) or a configuration of the Surround (live, Wide, or Environment).

For iOS. tap Settings, Music, EQ and select a preset, something, Acoustic or Improvement in low the Small boxes of sound or accent to the voice.

How to Cancel the Sound of the Call?

For those who want to cancel the service the Sound of the Call, just send a text message free SMS with the text CANCEL to the number 2002. After sending, simply follow the instructions and wait for SMS confirmation of cancellation of the service.

Got any questions? Leave in the comments your questions and we’ll help!