How to Register the Chip?

Enable the chip carrier is to connect it with the network, and register is to associate the chip to your name on the carrier.. This is a necessary procedure when you put a new chip in your phone to ensure the use of some services of the carrier. Each one has a procedure a little differently, but all are easy to do. We’ve assembled the following to activate the chip in the main operators of the country.

How to Activate the Chip in the Clear?

With the device turned off, remove the chip from the old and/or insert the chip again of course. In the manual of your device should appear on the location of the slot for the SIM card.

After inserting the chip, of Course, turn the unit on. A message will appear to confirm the DDD desired, simply insert the DDD and your town where you will register the chip.Turn off then on the device and wait a few seconds before turning it on.

After switching on the instrument again, you will receive an SMS message with the number of your chip, and it will then be activated.

The activation can take up to 24 hours. If within that time you do not receive your SMS message, contact with the Course by phone *552.

How to Register the Chip in the Clear?

After you have the number activated, you must register it in your name to enable functions such as registration in the services of Course, lock in case of theft and other additional services.

With your identity documents, social security number, and address in hand, call the number *552 of your mobile phone. Inform all your data and wait for the confirmation of registration. You can change the data by the portal operator’s computer or smartphone with CPF and password.

How to Activate and Register the Chip Alive?

To activate your chip Alive, put the SIM card in your new handset or replace the SIM card from your old device with the cell phone turned off. When placing the card, you will receive an SMS with your phone number.

With your identity documents and social security number in hand, call the number *8486 from your mobile phone, choosing the option to speak with a clerk. Enter your data as soon as requested and wait for the confirmation message of activation.

Alternatively, you can put the new chip in the appliance and send a SMS to the number 8966 with the DDD in your state, following the same steps above to call and speak with an attendant. Simple, isn’t it?

How to Register the Chip Oi?

There are 3 methods to register the chip of the Hi. For this reason, it is important to be with your CPF and identity in the hands. For all of them, please have your identity document and CPF.

  • Method 1:

For chips that already comes with the number on the package, put the chip in your unit is switched off. Connect your phone and call the number 1057, following ace instructions given. In the case of chip number, before connecting to the number 1057, you will receive a SMS with your number, and you may choose to stay with it or exchange it for another. You can call *888 and receive a SMS with 5 other options of numbers. To choose the number, reply to the SMS with the code of the number you want to use. After the confirmation of the number, just connect to 1057 to register your chip.

  • Method 2:

Turn off your device and insert the chip. After turning on the device again, connect to any number. This will direct you to the registration of your chip. Just follow the instructions.

  • Method 3:

If none of the methods above work, call the number *144 and ask to speak with an attendant.

How to Register the Chip in the TIM?

As well as in OI, TIM offers 3 different ways for the registration of the chip. Always start with the phone off and insert your chip.

  • Method 1

Connect the unit with the SIM card of TIM. Confirm your DDD by typing 1 if correct or 2 to fix the DDD. Wait to receive a SMS with your number TIM and restart your phone. With document of identity and social security number in hand, call the number *144# and follow the activation process that appears on the screen. If the confirmation option of DDD does not appear, go to phone Settings, Network Settings, More, Cellular Networks, and network Operators. Choose the option to automatically select and restart the device.

  • Method 2

Call to *144# and confirm the data by entering your social security number and choosing the send option. Confirm the activation by calling any number.

  • Method 3

Connect to 1056 of a mobile phone or landline and ask to speak with an attendant. Simple as that.

Had some problem to register or activate your phone? Leave in the comments your questions. We are here to help!