How to Catch You Fireworks with the Phone New Year’s Eve [TIP]

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Preparation is the key, when you need to take pictures of new year’s Eve fyrværkeriet with your smartphone

We are moving soon into the year 2016, and it must be true to tradition is celebrated with a lot of fireworks. However, there are the little things about Fireworks that it is reasonably volatile by nature, and therefore it can be difficult to take pictures of it.

Below we have collected some tips and tricks to take the best possible pictures of the spectacular show. Some of them are obvious to some, but I wonder if there are a few new tricks among anyway.

Part of it to take good pictures of fireworks is in fact in preparation, and although it may be less exciting, so is it worth the effort.

Location, location, location

In the category that covers ‘ attainment of ja’-the category is the location. In order to be able to take good pictures of fireworks should be able to see a lot of fireworks.

It also means that it can be cumbersome to take images of its own Fireworks – how annoying it is. For best results do you get if you find a good distance to a large collection of fireworks.

You can get up in height, it is also a plus, especially if you can get up over street lights. A rooftop terrace or a hill close to a town with a lot of fireworks is near-optimal conditions.

When you know where you will have to face, one can also find the right focus. Has found its place on a rooftop in Copenhagen and will catch the fireworks from the Town Hall Square, can be used to adjust the focus in advance – autofocus is virtually impossible with Fireworks.

Ro on set

This advice applies on two fronts. Firstly, there is the dark, when you are out on the hunt for something, then the camera will typically need to spend longer time to capture enough light to make a picture. Therefore can shake easily destroy the pictures – so keep your phone ask against a table, a tree or other solid. You have a tripod, it is optimally.

However, there are also the little add-on to it with closure, that a very short closing time can give good results. ‘ Burst mode ‘ where there will be taken a lot of pictures in a short time can give great results.

Secondly, we should remember that there is more than a single rocket in store. There is time to try to take a few pictures, look at them, and then adjust for the next spin.

There are even always someone who false starts a bit, so if you are nervous, you can taste his photographic abilities of in good time and go out and catch some of the first rockets in the sky.

Forget it!

It’s a bad idea to zoom with your camera’s digital zoom. It may look as though, to get closer to, but in fact gives it a significantly inferior image quality.

Do not use the zoom – if you want closer to, you can work with the image afterwards.

The Flash should also be saved away, when to be taken pictures of fireworks. Far away. It’s pretty hard to light the entire sky up with the phone’s small Flash, and then it would also be nice if the only light was Fireworks – this also applies to street lamps and lamps indoors.

Do not use the Flash – it helps just don’t.

HDR is a bad idea to use because it is a composition of several different images. In the dark it is hard for the camera a few usable images to put together, so it’s obviously worth avoiding.

Don’t use HDR – the process is just not good for it to take pictures of fireworks.

Apps – but only in moderation

Use the apps the right way – so come you far. Some apps can give a longer shutter speed, and others can take extra many images per second/minute. Both can be a great advantage, and there are tons of apps for different platforms, that can this.

It is important to find the apps that you think best suits a though, so download a few and try them by a night in advance.

On the other hand, one should not take pictures with apps like Instagram and put a lot of filters over. Make sure that the images will be saved in its purest form and highest resolution in the first place.

When the pictures so that is on the phone in the unspoiled State, you can afterwards put filters on, crop, putting stickers on, or whatever you otherwise want.

Enjoy the show

Finally, one must just keep in mind that it is a day of celebration, and that it is worth looking up from the screen from time to time. If you do not want to miss the photographic proof, then record a movie with Fireworks, so it can be experienced through the eyes and not a screen.

Remember to lift the glass, when the clock strikes midnight and to be present, and so it should be a good evening regardless of how the images will be.

If you have more tips and tricks, then we hear them in the comments box below the article. Share like your best picture of fireworks including.