How To Activate, Customize, And Configure Your New Cell Phone

For many, acquire a new cell phone is as exciting as the toy gift given to a child. Either you buy it at the store or come to your residence via postal mail, as soon you have chance, open the box and mitigas your eagerness to get that computer that you wonder just hold it with your hands.

How To Activate, Customize, And Configure Your New Cell Phone

Meet your new smartphone

And what do you do after take a quick look at the instructions and browse some of the parts of the appliance? Very simple, you put to charge your battery. To do this you have to search and find the correct port to connect the cord of the charger, which varies according to the model of the smartphone. Look at the attached instructions to the phone to not make mistakes. When the battery is at 100%, your cell phone will be ready for you run everything it requires to operate.

Especially if your old phone is second generation, you need to familiarize yourself with the new technology that brings your new smartphone (for user manual, read First, it seeks and identifies the buttons for power, volume and camera; Locate the slots where should be inserted the SIM and microSD cards. Start-up checks applications that appear on the screens of the unit, each difference by their respective function.


Once all of the above, take care of the activation of the smartphone. Call your provider at the number listed in the instructions that come with the phone and follow step by step what you indicated in the call. To perform this process you require to provide the data that you identify as user and customer of the company. You must also take into account that when activating your new device, the previous one will no longer function.

Customization and configuration

Then comes an aspect that also you with your smartphone: the personalization of the equipment, which is provided by the operating system of the phone and its user interface. This is very important because it makes that the cell is part of you. Choose graphic style or theme of your choice, the ringtone and wallpaper, similarly are significant details at this point.

Update your contacts to have them on hand to make calls or send text messages. Even, you can place shortcuts for your numbers most frequently asked in one of the home screens. If you don’t have a voice mailbox, you must configure it also.

Search the applications tray and select one to your favorite social networks, State and prognosis of climate or weather, maps or games, among others, hold finger over each of the icons that identify them, until you position on the screen of the cell phone.

Now, if you are not happy with what you did, or you screwed up with certain application, simply drag it with the fingertip hold it until you see it on the trash symbol.

Other applications that you don’t see in the tray, you visit the app store which is located in the menu that brings your smart phone, such as one application. In search of the aforementioned store option writes the name of the application you want, and when find it the brands to install. Here itself, in cell phones, we recommend the best applications of antivirus, GPS, Arcade games, school, author of photographs, among many others.

By the way, the leaflet that comes in the box of the telephone brings specific instructions for the new cellular device that you just purchased, according to the model and utility. Read carefully, remember that it is part of the process. Then, you will discover for yourself the novelties of the new technology that you have on hand.


Another point that we must not ignore is the acquisition of – at least – the most essential for our new mobile phone accessories, which are an essential part of the team. Besides giving personality and care for it, they provide you comfort. For example, the shells and screen protectors, available in multiple models, features and prices, to protect the cell phone from scratches and cracks in the case of the so feared falls.

In the same box where did your cell always you will find battery charger. In some cases this charger has a USB port to which you are connected, precisely, this wire that you use not only to charge the battery, but it is also indispensable to connect your smartphone to a computer in order to synchronize, add or move files from one to another.

If you are of those who make long journeys by car, we recommend that you purchase a battery charger that can be used in the vehicle, and thus will keep your smartphone always loaded.

Other accessories are called hands-free ranging from Bluetooth headsets, to adapters for speakers, headphones with microphone, even serving as an antenna in cases in which the device come with FM radio incorporated.

Every day go out to market different articles to complement and increase the capabilities of your cell, adding greater utility to the next-generation smartphone. Just to mention a few, we have the smartwatches or smart watches, smart tags, smart docks, optical pens, among many others.

After having your phone customized, configured and with necessary accessories, the main thing: don’t be afraid to explore it. Know it, uses all its functions and applications, stay informed and make him the most.