Hafjell, Norway

Hafjell, Norway

Norway is a very beautiful and interesting country with indescribable landscapes, a unique way of life and culture, with original traditions and people. As you know, this country is northern, with a sometimes very harsh climate, but for some reason, when choosing a ski holiday, Norwegian hills and beautiful ski resorts are unfairly forgotten. And in vain: in addition to the crazy beauties and impeccable Scandinavian service, there are also very high-quality and interesting tracks. No wonder one of the current resorts – Hafjele – hosted the Olympic Games. The slopes in Hafjell are very long (7 km), wide and picturesque. Local slopes are suitable for skiers or snowboarders of absolutely any level. In addition, there is a lot of entertainment without skis, both for adults and children. See andyeducation.com for education and training in Norway.

Hafjell is the venue for the 1994 Olympic slalom competitions, located 15 km from Lillehammer. The skiing season is from December to mid-April.

How to get there

Flight to Fagernes or Oslo, then an hour and a half transfer to Lillehammer. Nor-Way Bussekspress buses run from Oslo to the resort (from 300 NOR, 3 hours on the way). You can also get there by train: from Oslo (280-300 EUR, 2 hours 15 minutes, 15 departures per day) and from Trondheim (550-600 NOR, 4 hours 15 minutes, 4-5 trains per day). From Lillehammer to Hafjell you can take buses and taxis.

Hafjell trails

Once, namely in 1994, when the Olympic Games were held in the neighboring city of Lillehammer, the ideal and very difficult slopes of Hafjell “cut” the skis of the most titled and famous athletes from all over the world. Today, absolutely everyone can try these steep and very picturesque mountains. In addition to Hafjell itself, another ski resort located in the neighborhood called Kvitfjell also hosted the games. Today, both complexes are combined into one, which gives many advantages and creates a huge diverse area for skiing. The length of the local slopes is 39 km, and the general ski pass is valid for absolutely all local lifts.

A distinctive feature of Hafjell are incredibly wide and long trails, the longest of which boasts a length of 7 km. In general, despite the fact that the local mountains hosted the Olympic competitions, which naturally imposes an obligation to correspond to the “black” color, there are slopes in the skiing area that are suitable for absolutely any skill level. You can safely come here both for experienced riders, who will definitely not be disappointed by the elevation changes and steepness, as well as for beginners and vacationers with children. In total, the resort has 24 slopes of different difficulty levels: green – 7, blue – 8, red – 5, black – 4. The longest descent is 5 km. There is a park for snowboarders and an Olympic bobsleigh track, where everyone can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h on special sledges. For those, who does not want to part with the board or skis even at night, a gift has been prepared – a 7-kilometer illuminated slope. The maximum elevation difference is 832 m.

A distinctive feature of Hafjell are incredibly wide and long trails.

The resort has 15 lifts, including a gondola. As mentioned above, the ski pass is the same and is valid for all lifts. A nice bonus for vacationers with small children: for children under 7 years old, all lifts are completely free.

Most of the tracks are laid among the trees, which protects the resort from gusts of strong winds.

Thanks to the northern climate of Norway, there is always a lot of snow in Hafjell, but even if there is a snowless season, this will not affect skiing in any way, since 80% of the slopes are serviced by snow cannons.

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Not so long ago, for the first time in Scandinavia, a SkiMovie device was tested on one of the slopes of the resort. This “devil machine” allows not only to measure the rider’s speed, but also to record the entire descent on video. In addition, it can measure how many kilometers the skier traveled, what height he climbed, and so on. It is possible to immediately post the video to a social network and expect a crazy number of “likes”. And yes, you can use this miracle of technology completely free of charge.


Snowboarders will surely enjoy the snow park with half pipes, ski jumps and other fun things. The local snow park is considered one of the best not only in Norway, but throughout the country. Hafjell’s ski schools provide a high level of instruction with experienced and attentive multilingual instructors. You can join a group or pay for a private lesson. The time spent in one of the schools will not be wasted for anyone – neither for experienced skiers, nor for those who are just trying their hand at this wonderful sport.

It goes without saying that here you can rent skis, boards, and other necessary equipment for rent. But besides skiing and snowboarding, there is something to do in Hafjell – for example, visit the famous Hunderfossen winter amusement park.

Entertainment and attractions of Hafjell

Bars, restaurants, discos, pubs, Jorekstad pool. There are art galleries, local history museum, art museum. An amusement park for children and adults is the fabulous cave Hunderfossen, something like Disneyland in the Norwegian style. In addition to the opportunity to spend the night in an ice hotel, here you can see a lot of trolls and a beautiful ice cathedral. The kids will certainly enjoy the Lilleputhammer and Barneland amusement parks. For those who prefer skiing on flat surfaces, there are beautiful scenic routes, the total length of which is as much as 300 km! Finally, there is the opportunity to ride a dog sled or an airboard.

Why not visit, for example, an aqua park or relax in a sauna or jacuzzi after the snowy slopes? Well, of course, the obligatory apres-ski. For this, Hafjell has every opportunity – noisy discos, bars and cozy restaurants located close to each other provide a wide range of entertainment. In principle, if the nightlife of the resort does not seem very lively, then you can easily go to Lillehammer, where the fun is certainly in full swing.

Hafjell, Norway

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