H & M Conscious: Shocking Male Advancement of Their Sustainable Line

“You sure you’ve seen on television or through advertising on the street that’s”H & M Conscious collection”but of course, as always, we arrived late to appointments and also seems that campaigns that only we have seen so far the male part.

The first image is already a bit striking. Friends, Do you dare with a jacket with fringes on the sleeves? I when I saw her for the first time I have thought that they have become crazy, but sure there are some that dare and are encouraged to buy it. That Yes, we will not pass unnoticed wherever we go.

H & M committed by more sustainable fashion one spring-summer more and makes releasing this line both for man and for woman that invests much publicity. Why does H & M this? What interests do you have? Tell you after the “read more” which is long enough…

Already told you over the year past, this sustainable glamour you don’t have any price and is that you will see, I am going to solve each of the question that we have raised. All companies have an almost “duty” to contribute part of the benefits generated in a welfare society. It is what we call Corporate Social responsibility.

With this action, H & M is contributing to a global sustainability based on many principles. We are told that are they’ve saved 300,000,000 liters of water making jeans, they have more than 72 per cent of women in senior positions, they have donated 2.3 million items to charity…

In addition, engage with the organic cotton, right of workers and make quality test. But there are also clear he thinks and says they do it to improve its image in a vicious and if there was no term R.S.C not carried it out? The issue is that once, at least, make it.

Returning to this small preview, parts have surprised me because pattern and cutting are pretty good, I have not had them live, but they are very good looking. The job they have done with the tailoring seems to me to be worthy of recognition.

This styling, for example, I like a lot by the cut of the shirt with the neck, vest sober and elegant, perfectly-fitted jacket, flaps… But do not think that the entire collection is so way, also have the more casual side teach us in a few days.

What did you think?