Glycolic Acid: Discover the Benefits of the Product for Your Skin

The acid is colorless, without smell, and much used in products rejuvenating

For women the most conceited, frequent visits to the dermatologist become almost mandatory with the passing of the years. But, for a great reason: currently there are several treatments and products recommended by professionals, that amenizam or slow the signs of aging, or simply leave the skin much more beautiful.

Glycolic Acid Discover the Benefits of the Product for Your Skin 1

Among the acids commonly used and indicated by dermatologists, the Glucoside has attracted a lot of attention, for bring results relatively fast and the many benefits to the skin of women.

What is glycolic Acid?

According to the dermatologist Renata Fernandes Marques, glycolic Acid is a alfahidroxiácido, derived from sugar cane and vegetable sweets. Is a acid is colourless and without smell, much used in products rejuvenating for the skin. “It has the ability to exfoliate the skin, lighten it and stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the dermis, avoiding or delaying its aging. Can make the skin more thin, silky, clear, and still reduce the scars of acne,” he says.

The dermatologist explains that the acid can be used in the form of peeling or on products that contain it. “Its correct use, in addition to the benefits already mentioned above, can make the skin more uniform, firm, hydrated and glowing,” he adds.

Glycolic Acid Discover the Benefits of the Product for Your Skin 2

The benefits of the products are slow to appear?

With so many benefits that it can offer to the skin of women, there is no doubt how its use is valid, provided that it is recommended by a dermatologist. But, will the results take long time to appear?

“The results are variable and depend on the concentration of the glycolic Acid in the cosmetic. But, generally, it can be noticed from the second or third month of use. When carried out in the form of peeling, where the concentrations are greater, the results appear faster, in weeks”, explains the dermatologist Renata.

What products contain acid glicólioco?

Currently, there are several products on the market that contain glycolic Acid in its composition. “Since handled by doctors, to products commercially sold in shops and pharmacies, such as, for example, Demelan Whitening Cream, Glenmark; Derm AHA and Biomedic Pigment Vontrol, La Roche Posay; line Normaderm, Vichy, among others,” says the medical dermatologist.

“The ideal is always to buy any product on the advice of a dermatologist, who will pick the best option for each skin type. However, products from commercial lines, because they have lower concentrations of acid glucoside, are sold without prescription,” explains the dermatologist Renata Marques.

Glycolic Acid Discover the Benefits of the Product for Your Skin 3

The use of sunscreens

“All the patients that are using some acid should use sunscreens, because the skin is more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, increasing the chance of burns and stains on the skin, if this is not adequately protected,” says the dermatologist Renata.


According to the doctor, the glycolic Acid should not be used by people with the infection in activity in the location where it will be applied, in patients allergic to the product, on skin with open wounds or with burns recent, and in pregnant women.

Now you already know the benefits that glycolic Acid offers, and if that is the case, you can refer your(au) dermatologist about the use of products that contain acid or even about the possibility of doing peels. But always remember to follow the guidelines passed by the professional, because only then the results will be satisfactory and your skin will be really more beautiful and rejuvenated!