Galaxy S3 – The Size is Exaggerated?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 on the open Market to replace my old Motorola Milestone which was already almost useless as a smartphone. I spoke of the problem that the Milestone A853 has had on the touch screen , and really the repair is not longer worth. The first difference that we note in passing the use the Galaxy S3 every day, is that he is very great! Only the screen of the Galaxy S3 is already nearly the size of the whole upper of the Milestone!

The large screen is excellent, but as the unit is very light you don’t feel a lot of firmness to hold on to it and it’s easy to let fall. This is aggravated even more by the fact that we hold these devices with care not to touch the tele on the buttons if you want, so we end up by picking up lighter on the edges. In the Galaxy S3 of this actually happens, and although it is a matter of custom it is well annoying to deal with.

I made a comparison only for the readers of the site might have an idea of how much the Galaxy S3 is great. I took some photos next to and on a note of 2 real. Yes! The Milestone is wider and a little bit less than the length of a note of 2 real! Grab one there and place it in your hand to get an idea.

Even with this huge screen, and somehow even a bit disproportionate to the measures of a smartphone the faster processor gives the trick and makes good use of the entire set. The video and photos are excellent, even in MKV format, and HD run with perfection. In addition, the thickness gets to be amazing: just 8.6 mm!

In the photo below you can see that it is thinner than 3 coins of 50 cents stacked!

Speaking of other dimensions, he has a 13.7 cm high and 7.1 cm wide, weighing only 133 grams. This lightness all becomes an idea of the technology well advanced and that if proves in the use of the device.

In spite of the size the advantages of having a big screen but still be portable like a cell phone has advantages to Galaxy GT-I9300. It can not replace a tablet for all tasks, but certainly does for some!

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