FRG – Pregnancy Deviant Foster Growth


If the stomach grows more or less than expected, you should discuss this with your doctor or midwife. Fetal growth is evaluated by gestational controls at the doctor and the midwife. The doctor or midwife takes measure of the uterus, so that they can assess fetal growth.


Poorly regulated diabetes can give large child. Poor placenta function with too little amniotic fluid can also have an impact on growth. The same applies in the case of multiple pregnancies, women with gestational poisoning if the woman is sick during pregnancy, the consumption of intoxicants or suffer from an eating disorder. The woman’s height and weight, and her own birth weight can also have an effect on fetal growth. Smoking is the single biggest risk of low birth weight.


If checks at the doctor or midwife reveals aberrant growth, refer to the food Department for the purpose of an ultrasound scan and a clinical control. Depending on what one finds in these investigations, will be given to a plan for the further control with your own doctor and at the birthplace.