Firefox 4 for Android

Firefox is one of the best browsers on the market, this is considering that the concept of best is completely dependent on the function that we are running. With the world connected through various devices, other versions of the browser were released for mobile operating systems such as Android. In the first versions of Firefox for Android I had problems with the slowness of the browser even on simple pages, and I finally give up use. With the updates, it has become an excellent browser for mobile devices.

Firefox for Android

From the moment that Mozilla released officially, Firefox 4 for Android, things have changed. The browser was actually faster and, seemingly, more stable. With further tests, the impression was infinitely better. I still prefer the default browser on Android to things mundane that I do on mobile, but the new functions of synchronization between the mobile phone and the computer seem to be promising. The Chrome is another good option of the browser, especially if you already use it on the computer.

The video above shows a little more of Firefox browser for Android. You have other options, such as the Opera mobile and Chrome, and is up to you to test each one and see with which you interact the better. I currently use Chrome on all my devices, but work sometimes in Firefox. Having a mobile version of Firefox will help me to synchronize what I’m doing on the computer with my smartphone.

Ms want to know the opinion of our readers: which web browser do you prefer for Android? And for computers? Do you use the same browser on multiple devices? Leave in the comments your opinions and preferences of browsers.