Facebook Moments: Revised Photo App for Europe

Facebook released a new photo app called moments in June 2015 and provides powerful look up: the software namely accesses the automatic face recognition of social network back to group images by location and to select the people who should get the shots. That encountered resistance when privacy advocates, however, so that the app in Europe and Canada was not available so far. About a year after the initial launch attempt dares to now Facebook but with a revised version of the application.

Removed automatic face detection

In the new variant for Europe and Canada users must assign manually name the faces detected in images. The analysis of the photos runs mainly on the Smartphone itself. On the cloud infrastructure by Facebook, the app accesses only if she needs additional computing resources to handle, for example, information such as the distance between the eyes. Also, all data in the app are stored and can be completely removed, said product manager Will Ruben at the start of the revised version to the German press agency.

Improve social network: useful Facebook tools

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Regardless of newsfeed

Also important: sharing photos via moment is independent of the Facebook News feed. Photos that send users can use the app to selected friends, does not automatically appear in the Facebook timeline. However may friends who receive the photos via moments this then publicly on Facebook share.


The app definitely has its raison d ‘etre: because no matter whether children or pictures not all Facebook shared content go inevitably everyone something to. The social network also offers the possibility to publish obviously but few take advantage of this possibility a status only for a selected audience already for several years. It’s surprising it is no pleasant idea, accidentally with the colleagues or classmates to share potentially embarrassing images. But that should belong to with torque, which is available for both ios and Android now the past. (With the dpa material.)