Exclusive Tried: Logi zerotouch in the Practice Test

Mobile mounts are often a horror: usually they disfigure the Interior of the car and the pushing in and pulling out of the Smartphone is often tricky. Despite the support, the finger in the game come quickly if the driver wants to play a song. Logi has developed two new car mounts with zerotouch, which bring together with a matching app voice control in each car.

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In the practice test, Our site shows whether Logitech keeps with the car holder for smartphones Logi zerotouch promises the product. Logitech Logi zerotouch: for 60 euros for the connected car?

Zerotouch: two versions

The 59.99 Euro expensive variant is perfect for the air conditioning vent. On the grille clamp the bracket to, which is about as big as a 2 euro coin. Alternatively, you opt for the 79.99-Euro Cup variant for the windshield. Both brackets are magnetic and clamp on the Smartphone. There are two versions: A slick metal plate fits well with the design of modern smartphones. The plastic plate should have a cell phone with induction charging is advisable to continue to wirelessly download.

Tried: Logi zero touch

Zerotouch: installation very simple

The correct fitting of brackets is very easy: after downloading the Android app zerotouch Google play store leads you the application step by step through the process of setting up. Android 4.4 or later, is the only condition for the installation.

Zerotouch: the favorite app control

Are holder and cell phone on the spot, activate voice control by you show a high five gesture (raise your hand and they move in the direction of the phone) your phone. The infrared sensors on the front of detect the movement. Using speech, dictate text messages, whatsapp – and hangouts messages or call contacts. You dictate also targets your favorite GPS app without having to take their hands off the wheel and your eyes from the road. The clever voice control by Logi controls also music apps like Spotify and Deezer. If you have over a Bluetooth speakerphone, coupled the app on desire. While driving the system controls then micro and loudspeaker of the car instead of the phone, which facilitates the understanding with zerotouch app.

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Zerotouch: conclusion

With around 60 or 80 euro, although no bargains are the two zerotouch supports, but there is no comparable accessories , which is at the same time so comfortable and smart. The investment is worthwhile especially for driving older cars, which would take advantage of modern networked vehicles in your car instead of similar systems for hundreds of euros to upgrade.