Elephone P9000 Test: Exotic Hot Tip or Electrical Scrap?

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Test verdict: What you should know

Sharp screen, enduring battery and convenient camera: The elephone P9000 is no egg-laying wool milk sow, but a compelling Smartphone with the latest high-tech gadgets, such as USB type C and fast fingerprint sensor. The technique page like a wish list on the modern mobile phone, reads weakens the eight core benchmark tests. For 240 euros (customs fees included) the elephone P9000 is still a strong price performance announcement competition. With the honor 5 X, there is however a comparable good alternative that is available through normal dealer directly in Germany. Best price on the Internet: 199,99 EUR * Pro sharp full-HD display, metal frame dual – SIM and microSD professional Android 6.0 order this product at Amazon Marshmallow money counter battery is not changeable to get used to, not high-back test note of the editorial 2.48 good users rating now write a bargain hunters are merciless in their hunt for prey. Ice cold to strike in the local store or in the vastness of the Internet. While they leave nothing as leergefegte store shelves or under the massive onslaught often collapsed server. The goal: Money saving, as much as possible! This is of course impossible with the purchase of top devices like the iPhone 6S or Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7. The view is all the more interesting to the far East: while sound quirky exotics like Cubot, oppo & co. for the masses only to technical jargon, the bargain price performance joy heart laughs. The grin at elephone is especially wide. High-end technology to the predatory pricing the Chinese have been most recently a great and somehow reminiscent of Apple’s success phone name under Scrooges. The published end of March 2016 elephone P9000 should put up now the (provisional) bargain Crown the.

Elephone P9000: China blast for little money

Ode to the joy of technology


Differently than the large premium place deer, elephone invested the high cost of advertising, the noble packaging and often already existing accessories rather in the technique. So, the box of the latest Elephones reminds more of a troubled small plastic lunch box. Also the additions are manageable with the USB cable and a small manual. 08/15 – headphones or a cheeping power supply no trace without better equal entirely. That’s it! Even on the shop Web page save the Chinese. Send along a few glossy photos are to the viewer that probably make palatable the elephone P9000 design knowledge of designed product photos with rather small horsemanship. Understatement, that directs the focus in times of cheating as the CoolPad Modena happily back to basics: the Smartphone itself!

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250 euros for a good Smartphone sounds like a wonderful offer. But keeps the elephone P9000, what the manufacturer promises? The test shows it! Elephone 9000 in the test: Cheap China stuff or tip?

Sharp display in unusual dress

The name still on an oversized elephant in your Pocket can be closed surprised the elephone P9000 by its delicate appearance. The Unit brings delicate 145 gram weight on the scale and has amazingly slim size 14, 8 x 7, 3 x 8, 8 cm. Comparison: this iPhone 6S plus drags 190 grams significantly more in the ring, although a fine metal frame surrounds the P9000 also. It is home to the 5.5-inch screen. With its full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), he brings enough pixels for a sharp image on the screen. The high image density of 401 ppi can be nor count as disturbing pixel grid see individual points. Although the side frame is not negatively striking, he not so narrow is promised with 2.6 mm described by the manufacturer (1.6 mm). The built-up IPS Panel allows the look from various angles without compromising the natural-looking and thus good colour reproduction. Also the color accuracy is relatively high at 95.90 per cent, for this weakens the contrast (946:1) of the display. By comparison, the Galaxy S7 comes AMOLED technology on 3277:1. The sufficient screen brightness (442,9 candela per square meter) leaves little room for criticism, the elephone not necessarily has left in the duel with the Sun. As far as all vain sunshine? They argue the tastes! The rough back is that getting and detracts from the classy appearance. The scratch-prone surface feels like coarse absorbent paper, attracts sweaty fingers with remaining traces, and too easily rubs off. Brave buyers open the geclipste and sporadic glued back on request and put them back together with some caution. Good for a change of material: according to elephone Web page more backs should in future be available. This could have repercussions on the warranty however. Differently than many China imports, elephone a year warranty with German repair center for a low-cost shipping.

Smartphones, notebooks & co.: Top technology from China

High-end technology made in China


Technically is the P9000 on par with the high-priced competitors. The eight core Helio P10 from MediaTek pulses each with fast 2 gigahertz. On paper the Smartphone elite is also the 4 GB memory among the high-end district. The operation is mostly liquid, the P9000 surprisingly off-and-on device in stalled. Otherwise it looks 8 Airborne on asphalt: the 3D-Spiele-Referenz runs thanks to Mali T860 graphics unit without juddering and dropouts. As the operating system, elephone sets Marshmallow on the almost unmodified Android 6.0. An advantage not to be underestimated, the Android updates over the Internet at elephone devices made problems last time and again. The equipment has proven in the test, but what language speak the benchmark tests? Geekbench 3 comes on only 835 points in the individual cores and also the 3.088 multi core points are an average value. For comparison: the honor of 7 achieved almost identical test results. The P9000 draws a similar average image at AnTutu with 47.164 points. Samsung’s Exynos-7420-chip, which is used in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, reached around 70,000 points. The mate 8 reached almost twice the value with 90.641 points. Although you should enjoy such tests because of their limited expressiveness with caution, the figures are a sobering sign. Sobering, because elephone initially with a better technique, approximately a ten core, recruited and rowed back in over time.

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Earmarked – and mediocre camera


Up to now were the cameras in Elephones more or less without accessories. A weak point which took the Chinese part of the price options in attack. The 8-megapixel front camera captures Selfies with satisfactory quality, but comes without Flash. The modern standards but nothing more match details and colors. Finally, strong noise on every self-portrait is noticeable. One feature that restarts the mobile photographer in the rear camera in front of the lens in low light conditions. The 13 megapixels allow sharp photos, which would be sufficient for everyday use. With the camera’s reference such as Motorola’s X Force, the iPhone 6S and Microsoft’s Lumia the elephone P9000 fails with but 950 XL. But it is problematic when looking at the clock: the China Mobile to raise need whole 0.56 sec. A further 0.8 seconds pass before the subject in the box is stored that is taking too long! Thanks to the large 32 gigabyte memory, there are many snapshots have their place. With a micro-SD card, he can be enlarged to up to 200 additional gigabyte.

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Oriental premium bells and whistles


The not changeable and full 3,000 mAh battery managed day-to-day operations during normal use easily throughout the day. The laboratory test confirmed the positive impression: remarkable 11 hours and 24 minutes went for intensive use in the land before the P9000 made limp and it required new power from the wall outlet. Who only occasionally brings its Smartphone out of the Pocket, something like this has even up to 34 hours and 51 minutes. Thanks to quick charge function the energy reserves filled in less than one and a half hours back completely on the right PSU provided. But as the QI station (powered the China Smartphone slower but for this much more convenient) only at an extra cost of respectively US$ 15 (equivalent of 13.50 euros), that is available. Tip: Who wants to order optional accessories, should order it directly with the P9000. This saves additional time, valuable nerve and more customs duties when shipping from China. With the reliable functioning fingerprint sensor on the back, LTE with all common frequencies (CAT4 up to 150 Mbit / s), USB type C, 4.1 Bluetooth and NFC dominated the P9000 almost all common data connections and modes of transmission. Only the fast Wi-Fi ac is missing. Also the popular dual-SIM option has succeeded in the new elephone, but only as a hybrid-slot. Buyer must decide between a second SIM card or a miro SD card for additional storage space.


Elephone P9000: Prices and availability


The elephone P9000 is available from end March 2016 in black and white from the official shop of the manufacturer. The Chinese already taking pre-orders. Currently, the Smartphone will cost 220 US dollars (equivalent 197,50 euro). Who the free standard shipping (without tracking, should last between 20 to 35 days) spares, pays between $ 11 (10 Euro; 15 to 25 days and tracking number) or less than 21 US dollars (about 19 euro; Express-Versand about three to five days). In addition, customs duties of around 40 euros are due. In addition to the tested variant elephone brings also the P9000 light with bedraggled facilities (absence of savings on the camera, NFC and fingerprint sensor) for $190 (around 170 euros) on the market.

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