Dirndl Necklace in 4 Variations 1

Dirndl Necklace in 4 Variations


Iparticipated in the workshop”Susan the Opera and I”by Anja Schlotman-Bakkenes at the Beachtermesse in Hamburg in August 2013 . You can see the original design of Anja here. When I saw the picture for the workshop for the first time in pearl poetry, it was clear to me that this necklace would fit perfectly into a dirndl.

In August 2013 I participated in Anja Schlotman-Bakkenes workshop”Susan the Opera and I” at the Beaders Best Pearl Fair. You can see the original design of Anja here. The first time I saw the pictures of the necklace in the pearl poetry I knew it would be perfect match to a dirndl.Dirndl Necklace in 4 Variations 1

It can be carried in 4 versions. It was not that simple with the 6 closures I had bought all the variants. The clips I had to open a few times, until the lengths all fit exactly. For the Opernball variant, I needed a longer clip than for the Dirndl version and both were too short for the choker variant. The tailpiece of the Dirndl variant can be extended with two short elements to the choker variant. For the Opernball variant, the choker variant is attached to the Dirndl variant with a magnetic closure.And then there is the evening dress version. For this, the Dirndl variant is worn at the front and the choker variant at the neck. Can you follow me? If not, take a look at the following photos;-)

All I need now is the invitation to the opera ball and the matching dress …A pearl necklace I had already once from Ejewelry. Since the Opernball variant does not have to see the closure, which is necessary for the choker, I threw two eyelets on the backside, which hold the closure in place when carrying it.

I tried it this once sitting dark blue dress with waterfall cut and deep back… I did not buy it since there was no reason to which I could have put it. There is still not, but the right chain I had already once. You know how it is with clothes or shoes that you have not bought and which you then mourn forever afterwards.Dirndl Necklace in 4 Variations 2

You can wear it in 4 different variants. It was not easy to realize all the 6 clasps I had bought. I had to thread the spacers more than two times. For the opera ball necklace I need a longer spacer than for the the dirndl necklace. You can extend the spacer of the opera ball necklace with two short spacers for the choker. For the opera ball necklace you can attach the choker with a magnetic clasp to the dirndl necklace. For the evening dress necklace you wear the dirndl necklace in the front and the chocker in the neck. Can you follow me? If not, look at the following pictures 😉

If you are looking for a fashionable, fashionable, fashionable necklace, you’ll love it. Because of that I have two loops on the backside for holding the claps in position.

One day I tried it, the perfect fitting dark blue evening dress with a waterfall neckline in the front as well as in the back. I did not buy it because there was no reason for it. I have the perfect necklace. I think you know how it is when you have not bought something you liked.

Since the Oktoberfest is just as sudden and unexpected as Christmas or birthdays, the closure was not fixed in the morning of the visit. There was then also a provisional solution, which had held, but only half as beautiful. This year I am prepared;-)

I had not finished the clasp when we wanted to visit the Oktoberfest last year. The same like Christmas or birthdays, suddenly the day has come and no one has expected it. I would like to have a good time. This year I am prepared;-)Dirndl Necklace in 4 Variations 3