Dell XPS 12 (9250): Elegant Convertible with a 4K-Display in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Much cheaper there are similar devices not the surface book of Microsoft is equally costly. Nevertheless, 1.837 euro are much money for a convertible for the well equipped XPS 12. With the exception of the somewhat limited battery life that served Dell but no major weaknesses: it is well processed, works fast and has a great, sharp 4K-Bildschirm. Best price on the Internet: 899.00 euros * per order this product at Amazon high pace of work Knackscharfer screen silent operation thin and lightweight design Thunderbolt port SSD USB-C style and Wi-Fi-ac cons some short battery life not for elaborate games a few connections test note of the editorial 2.45 suitable good users rating (out of 1 reviews) No, as a destination for bargain hunters is the range of Dell Notebooks rather not. Because the new Windows-10 model XPS 12 makes no exception, where high-quality notebook-Tablet packages are generally quite expensive. But 1.837 euro? You must swallow it and be sure that the value is correct. Therefore, our site has tested image, whether the XPS 12 works damn fast, has a brilliant screen, and shines with a long battery life.

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More power means more money? Dell demands for the new XPS 12 with almost 1,800 Euro quite a lot, but is it even worth it? Dell XPS 12 (9250) in the test: How good is the elegant convertible?

Small, handy, practical?

Not 11.6 and not 13.3 inches the Dell has a handy, but unusual 12.6-inch format and is very easy with 1,254 grams. For use as a large and quite heavy with 790 grams Tablet the screen thanks to magnetic closure can be released with one hand from the keyboard. Missing mechanical latch but also has a serious disadvantage: who uses the XPS notebook and careless carries through the area, which the display can quickly from the mount fly.

Dell XPS 12 (9250): product and detail photos

Sharp, brilliant, bright?

The display offered a very high image sharpness in the test. On 23 cm diagonal, it shows photos or blockbusters in 4 K with stately 3840 x 2160 pixels. Playback manages the flask correctly crisp and with rich colors the XPS video playback did the picture change streaks in only 11.4 milliseconds.

Work, play, surf?

Not so smart the Dell but with gambling which is the processor integrated graphics unit was weak for the smooth playback of games. But who wants to play titles such as dark souls 3 on a comparatively measly 12.6-inch display? A high pace of work is much more important for such a device. And it can burn anything on the Dell: edit complex graphics with many levels? Is done in no time. Challenging conversions of videos into a format suitable for the Smartphone? This work really smart. A decent processor from Intel’s current Skylake series, which can be accessed on 8 GB memory ensures much pace. Also the user can change data and programs on a fast SSD with at least 227 gigabyte instead of a lame hard disk save.

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Quiet, frugal, cooling?

Does the XPS 12 even debilitating works absolutely silently and doing quite cool because no conventional hard disk schraddelt: at the bottom, the temperature in the test was only 7 degrees higher than the ambient temperature after two hours of work. Only the battery life could be better: both work and video playback the Dell already went two and a half hours the run out of steam this is acceptable at best.