Cyanogen Inc. Integrates Truecaller in Cyanogen US

Cyanogen US will soon have integrated Truecaller application which puts all your contacts into a central database.

All the while Cyanogen Inc. are scrambling to make the US free of Google’s Android-clubs, then they have seemingly no trouble jumping in kanen with other companies as they have a better relationship with.

Cyanogen has reportedly plans to integrate the application in their Truecaller Cyanogen US. Of course, it should be pointed out that in the case of Cyanogen US, and not the CyanogenMod. Cyanogen US is the operating system which is commercially distributed in cooperation with manufacturers who make phones.

Truecaller is an application which can look up phone numbers in a data base created across all mobiles that installed the application. We can thus obtain information about incoming numbers which you would otherwise not have in his contact list, and even get of know whether an unknown number is marked as spam by other users.

Truecaller can briefly be described as something close to a security nightmare, your entire contact list to be laid up on their servers, with the aim to use numbers as part of the central database of phone numbers.

Truecaller is further not just a preloaded application, but an integral part of Cyanogen US, we must therefore take a position on whether you want to use the application or not, when the phone starts.

The idea is fine enough, but I’m very much against that one chooses to integrate this application so that it comes into use with a small click on the acceptance, without many probably are aware of the consequences.