Cutting a Huawei P9 in 20 Steps

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The first Huawei P9 they are starting to circulate through the world now that has come its release. The Chinese giant, booming, expects to sell more than 10 million units of its smartphone of the year reference to consolidate its third global position as a manufacturer. Do you have the necessary inside?

Analysis of Huawei P9 of Engadget has already made clear that it is a good terminal. It is noted for a great design and your Kirin 955 processor performance, but that still has some black spots that prevent that it is at the same level as the leaders of 2016, as your screen or your software. After evaluating it in operation, now see their guts.

Cutting of a Huawei P9 in 20 steps china website has had advanced access to one of them and has been the first in dismantling it piece by piece to teach how has this phone that has as its dual certified by the German optical company Leica camera been built.

Wanted it to transmit through 20 pictures in which does not lack detail: from what are their anchor points for the distribution of each of the chips that incorporates all its platform, without losing sight of important elements such as the placement of the antennas, speakers, connectors, or your lenses.

You can see one to one on their website. I leave you with this short video that has mounted Punit D on YouTube with those same photographs to make it quicker and easier to have a look at this cutting of a Huawei P9.