CK Watches Convince By Filigrane Design


It is clear that the trend is more and more to Oversize and XXl watches, which we love in any case, and always like to wear them everywhere, but now Calvin Klein is launching a counter design and presents very small, fine ones in the current collection And filigree watch models. They are particularly attractive to delicate wrists and act like a perfect combination of watch and bracelets.

These watches can be combined quite beautifully to the classic office outfit, but also look good in the leisure dress, they are also excellent for the evening.
I find all models very nice and would like to put them all at once, but that would probably go a bit too far, but one will be it, that is fixed.

Selection is a model from the new collection, which I find especially sweet, because white is for me such a great summer color and it is really the perfect mix of bracelets and watch and if you then add these with a few more bracelets, the Picture perfect. The white thin leather bracelet in combination with the golden case really makes it. In black, selection is also still available and as stylish as the whites.

Delight is the name of a fashionable watch from CK, which is available in ChronologicalWatches. Absolute eye-catcher is the version with the steelblue dial, which is something different and can with the radiant summer sky definitely keep up. But also the classic variant in black is stylish and makes a lot of. And if that’s not enough, you’ll find this beautiful ladies’ watch with a silver dial. And the highlight is the golden one, which is a real cream cut.