Cebit: Secusmart Updated His Safe Tablet

To smartphones, the security experts at Secusmart want to equip the Federal Government now with secured tablets. This announced the encryption companies at the cebit and at the same time introduced a new model of the secutablets. The user between business and personal use can change as the n2020 Chancellors smartphones, Secusmart Managing Director Christoph Erdmann said. The Düsseldorf company Secusmart acquired from the Canadian blackberry smartphone pioneer had a first tablet model already on the cebit 2015 presented, then it went in the authorisation procedure, now successfully completed that is.

Known technique

The security concept behind the secutablet is quickly explained: Secusmart uses, such as for his safe a variant of the blackberry Z10 Smartphone on the wrapping of the app. It encrypts Agency – and mission-critical applications. At the secutablet, this is done through a crypto module in the format of a microsd card, which is the user into the device. Parallel to the backed up apps normal, unsecured applications such as Facebook, youtube, Twitter can be on the Tablet and use whatsapp. So German Government officials access to after reading confidential documents in the future about social networks, without having to switch the device.

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Cooperation with Samsung and IBM

The project is a joint effort: while Secusmart takes care of the encryption and provides the infrastructure for secure data transfer, Samsung Samsung Galaxy tab S2 makes available the necessary hardware and its security platform Knox. Auch IBM is on board: the US-based group helps the German company to put his safety techniques in the infrastructures of customers of the public sector. Also IBM takes over the marketing of the tablets in the foreign countries. Expected to

Blackberry without Tablet

The Secusmart at his secutablet on Samsung as partner is, comes not from about: the blackberry’s Canadian parent company namely has no own tablets more in the offer. It is the 2011 launched model playbook that flopped and caused such write-downs of several hundred million US dollars.

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Federal agency gives green light

Employees of federal agencies can use the tablet computer soon for their work, the secured version of the Samsung Galaxy tab S2 model received the preliminary approval of the Federal Office for security in information technology. This year, the company anticipates sales in the five-figure range. The value of a unit amounted to approximately 2200 euros. (With material of the dpa)