Car2Go: How to Use Car Sharing in Foreign Countries

Bring it quickly to the airport or just the heavy suitcase from the train station to the hotel car-sharing is predestined. On business trips and holiday Car2Go users can see but often faced a problem: while they are logged on, yet one rejects the customer card at the opening of the car. The reason lies in a simple constraint: first unlock, then drive.

Car2Go abroad use: unlock app

In Germany, the app has now completely replaced the Car2Go customer card, the old card is but still quite useful abroad. In principle there are two ways to use the Car2Go also in abroad: If you come via Wi-Fi or mobile phone network on the Internet, just reserved a car through the Car2Go app, confirmed nor the terms and conditions and go. But what if one has booked no data package and just want to use to open the customer card?

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Car2Go-unlock in the browser

Who would like to go before commencement of the journey safe, calls the website of Car2Go, chooses the destination in the drop down menu right above and tried a particular car to rent. After a short confirmation of the general terms and conditions are enabled for all sites of the desired country and get a confirmation email. A step by step instructions, see the photo gallery. It works perfectly for the release in the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Spain. All steps are met, you rent Car2Go car as usual with your customer card.

Step by step: to unlock Car2Go for foreign

Car2Go in the United States and Canada

In Canada and the United States, the situation is slightly more complicated: is not to use your existing Car2Go account. There taking Car2Go, you must register again. This works out easily from the domestic sofa, by calling the Car2Go website of your destination, about New York City. By clicking on become a member opens a form where you must enter a valid postal address, E-Mail address and a user name. The E-Mail address and user name may be not the same with your local Car2Go account. Arrived at the destination, you must complete the registration by a visit to the local Office of the Car2Go. You cause with be sure your driver’s license and an English-language excerpt from your Flensburg point registry which you advance free request must.

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Car2Go in China

Provider Car2Go announced meanwhile that he would like to bring the principle of sharing even after China. The go-ahead has already fallen in the Chinese city of Chongqing. The use of the Chinese offer for European customers is not possible so far.

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