Broken Screen! To Fix or to Buy Another Cell Phone?

As smartphones have become an extension so natural in our lives and we take these devices wherever we even to bed sometimes we run the risk of causing accidental damage such as screens cracked. The chances of damage increases if you are not using a capinha protection on your phone, but purists of the design argue that these covers ruin the natural feel of the device, as they were designed. Add more risk if you have children, especially more young people, who like to throw things, and your chances of a device broken increase dramatically. So, if you end up with a cracked screen, here are five repair options different that may work for you.

Display Broken Fixable? Extended Warranties of the Manufacturer or the Store that Sold You the Smartphone

Certain manufacturers and shops smartphone options offer an extended warranty for your appliance. But this is something that you have to buy together with your smartphone, and not after it has already be broken. The extended warranties the most complete cover accidental damage, costing less than 5% of the total value of the smartphone, and with certainty, much less that the value of an exchange of the screen.

You should check out the full warranty coverage directly in the contract, when you buy your smartphone or up to 3 months after purchase (for some types of extended warranties only). For anyone who is more estabanado and do not want to put a capinha on the cell phone, the extended warranty is a protection that will be worth it.

My Phone Broke the Screen: How Much Does it Cost to Fix? If You Made an Insurance Against Damages, Costs Nothing!

There are several insurance companies that offer insurance plans against accidental damage to smartphones, with costs of less than 5% of the value of the smartphone. For devices that cost more than$2,000 without any effort, this is not a surprise. The most interesting of these insurance is that you can also include insurance against loss and theft, thereby ensuring even more security that you will not be without your smartphone.

Now, without insurance, the price is expensive, especially if it is under warranty. This is because cell phone broken within the warranty can only be repaired in the authorized service, do not return broken glass, only the kit of the screen and the glass whole. And this kit, with the value of the service exchange, is almost or more than 50% of the value of the smartphone.

You can buy kits and do the repair yourself, but if you have no experience with electronics, is a high risk of damaging other parts of the cell.

Broken Screen! Repair or Buy the Other?

The cost of an exchange of the screen in an authorized technical assistance is almost prohibitive. Not to mention that after 1, 2 years, you won’t find more for the screen to change in the authorized network. To give you an idea of the price, the screen of a device intermediate of the Motorola, between R$1,000 and R$1,500 it costs about R$600 for the exchange. It is worth mentioning that they exchange the entire kit: glass and screen, always.

Already in a technical assistance independent, the prices fall quite a lot, but depends directly on the ability of the technical assistance. This is because it is possible to exchange only the glass chipped, if the screen is not damaged. If the screen is damaged, the price is about 20% to 30% cheaper than in authorized, with the advantage of being able to repair even smartphones that do not have more parts being sold to you by authorized service.

The rule that we use for the repair of the screen or exchange of the mobile associates 4 factors: price of the repair, the price of a new device, as long as you already have the smartphone, and the smartphone already has some other defect (scratches on the casing, buttons that do not work, the microphone failing, etc). You can simply associate these factors, such as, for example, the price of the repair is very expensive and has a promotion of a new device, so I’m going to buy a new device. Or you can do a little scoring system to analyze if you should fix the screen or replace (a system that is highly recommended for those who bought a smartphone of more than$2,000).

The price of the repair – 0 point if the repair is less than 25% of the value of the unit; 1 point, if the repair is between 25% and 50% of the value of the instrument; 2 points if the repair is exactly 50% of the value of the unit; 3 points to repair over 50% of the value of the instrument.

The price of a new device – 0 point-if the price of the device that you want to buy is 50% or more than 50% more expensive than the unit current; 1 point if the price is 50% more expensive; 2 points if 50% to 25% more expensive; 3 points if it is less than 25% more expensive.

As long as you already have the smartphone – 0 point for less than 6 months; 1 point for one year; 2 points for two years; 3 points for 3 years or more.

The Smartphone already has another defect (add up all the defects that appear in here) – 0 point to scratches on housing; 1 point for battery discharging very fast (addicted); 2 points for buttons that do not work; 3 points for electronic parts of the phone not working (sensors, camera, headset, microphone, etc.

Add the points and, according to the score of your device, and follow the guidelines:

12 points or more – Time to replace the unit. Even if the repair is cheap, the repair will only take a few more months of life for your appliance.

9 points or more – Buy one unit of the temporary, cheap, wait for a proper promotion and buy a phone new.

6 points or more – Plan for replacement of the mobile phone. If you are able to do the replacement of the screen yourself, or have a technical assistance with good value, and trust, you can get a little bit of time with the instrument.

3 points or more – Generally, it is not necessary to exchange at this point. Only the repair already gives account of the note, and your device still will have a good survival time.

Less than 3 points – Do the repair. There is no sense in exchanging a unit brand new because of a broken screen.

We hope that we have helped. If you still have questions about what to do with your cell phone broken screen, leave in the comments your questions, and we will do the possible to help.