Apple Will Take Advantage of Samsung in The United States, Xiaomi Begins to Be a Nuisance in China

Both Apple and Samsung have gained ground the rest in fees from United States markets, corresponding with the fourth quarter of 2013, according to the data sharing NDP Group – known for statistics-Chromebooks-. But the difference between them has become wider than in the same period from 2012.

They tell us that 42% of smartphones in the American country were iPhones, by 26% of the Korean firm. If we go to the last year, the percentage of Apple was 35%, and 22% Samsung. Both win, but those of Cupertino distance themselves, growing by 7% in the second largest market in the planet.

Samsung and Apple dominate the 68% of the US market, there is room for third parties?

We can interpret that the sales cycle was to Apple, with iPhone 5S and 5 c in the peak – available in September – so we should expect the counter-attack of Samsung with its new Galaxy, possibly in April.

The rest of players, except for LG climbing something its share, lost ground: Motorola, HTC, and BlackBerry, which appears as the last of the important.

Xiaomi is a favorite

If we go to data from Kantar Wordpanel, smartphones China market remains dominated by Samsung, but the Chinese brands are there back on the prowl, as it is the case of Lenovo and ZTE.

They tell us that in the last quarter of the year the most popular brand is Xiaomi, value added as a community, and affordable terminals so you offer. Do not speak of figures of sale – have to wait for the full study, January 27-, but in December that they have both sold as Samsung, or more.