Apple Sued for iOS 9 Has Made iPhone 4s Useless

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Apple has deliberately obsolete iPhone 4s with iOS 9, despite the fact that the company knew that it would cause problems, says the allegation in a mass action against Apple.

It is not only Spotify, which in these days will be directed against civil litigation. Also Apple must now be on target for a lot of action from more than 100 very unhappy owners of an iPhone 4s.

A man named Chaim Lerman, who according to Appleinsider is behind the mass action, claiming that Apple has deliberately been instrumental to parent the now four year old iPhone 4s by making false advertising that it is compatible with iOS 9 software, but where reality was another.

The complaint goes on to it after iOS 9 upgrade is gone so hard out of the performance of iPhone 4s, that it is useless in daily life. Problems should, among other things. count the slow reaction time on the screen and Peck, and sometimes the entire phone freeze or shut down sounds.

The criticism also goes on, that Apple have led campaigns and created marketing with that the upgrade would increase performance, security and battery life in spite of the fact that Apple “through internal testing and/or along other roads” has been aware of the negative impact it would have on the performance of the phone software performance.

Hence the requirement of $ 5 million. or the equivalent of 34 million. dollars in damages to the persons included in the mass action-with the possibility that the amount could rise to three times.

If they get luck with it, remains to be. It got a second group at least not since the in 2011 mass defendant Apple for having ruined iPhone 3 g after upgrading to iOS 4.