Apple Should Launch an Smartphone Android, Says Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak He is the co-founder of Apple with Steve Jobs. It is said that Woz put technique and Jobs the labium, and their joint work led to the success to the company beyond the 70. Despite this, Wozniak left Apple in 1987 to devote himself to other works, and in more recent years has positioned itself as a lover of technology which has no hair in the language to say what he thinks.

His latest statements can be taken with a point of insanity. It has been in an interview with Wired where Wozniak said he believes that Apple should launch an Android terminal. Users like the design and the style of Apple, he says, and thinks that Apple could play in both markets at the same time and succeed in both.

iOS is an operating system for success, Despite its recognized high price with respect to other options on the market. Android It is a good system, but its introduction on an iPhone could confuse the brand and image of Apple in the world of technology, something that I doubt would like to happen. Of course anything is possible and who knows if in a few years is a reality, but I think that all agree that Today, it is very unlikely What Wozniak from occurring in a short term. Crazy, go.