Apple Secures Supply of Millions of Screens of Sapphire for Its Future IPhone

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A few months ago indicated that Apple had reached an agreement with the company Advanced GT – Sapphire-based components manufacturer, and now have been known more details of that negotiation, that It will allow Apple having a notable supply of screens of Sapphire.

Apple wants to factory GT Advanced in Arizona to be operational this month of February, and new documents has confirmed that GT Advanced will start producing Sapphire screens that will range from 5 inches diagonal and that they would be aimed at the next iPhones from Apple.
The application of Sapphire on the screens of the iPhone will be a very interesting additional feature for many users thanks to the resistance of this material, It would probably displace the interest of other manufacturers which use layers as the famous Gorilla Glass, but Cornig, manufacturer of those guards, denies that the Sapphire is superior.

In GT Advanced they have already done an order of specialized machines for this type of components, very different to that Apple already used manufactured in Sapphire – to protect the lens and Touch fingerprint reader ID – and which would confirm this new element of the future iPhone.

It is estimated that machines GT Advanced is installed at its plant in Arizona could be between 103 and 116 million screen of Sapphire with a diagonal of about five inches. 518 initial machines you will be added later other 420 that will raise annual production to between 84 and 94 million more screens.