Apple Relaunches The IPhone 4 in The India, But Not at The Rumored Price

If a week ago rumours that reached us Apple could he be thinking in recovering old iPhone 4 to revive its sales in a country with so many users of smartphones as it is The India, where precisely this model hoarders 15-20% of sales before being retired, today it has confirmed this news.

The iPhone presented nearly four years ago returns to the market in its 8 GB version to recover ground for the brand of Apple bite in a country where low-cost smartphones were taking over the gap left by Apple, but that if, do not expect a great price much less.

As in the rest of the world the appearance of anything economic 5S iPhone and iPhone 5 c leading to iPhone 4 to disappear from stores, which caused a major drop in sales of the Cupertino in The India for Samsung, I would have uploaded their share of 50% to 70%, or other brands.

Is why Apple has executed known rumor, return to market the iPhone 4 but without giving his arm twisting, is that while there was talk of a fairly attractive price environment to 15,000 rupees (178 euros) Finally the official price of this phone almost four years old It is situated in the 23,000 rupees (273 euros).

There is no economic iPhone

Already happened when it is unveiled the iPhone 5 c, which many pointed that it would be economic Apple phone but finally only placed 100 euros below the flagship, and now forecasts those who pointed to an iPhone cheap but old they have returned to fail.

While their new price, 273 euros, is below the barrier of 300 euros the latest iPhone 4 is its operating system, iOS 7, while the other features are largely overcome by a multitude of different brands at equal or lower cost smartphones. The conclusion is always, and is that Apple does not want to populate the world nor any country with their iPhones at any price.