Apple Prepares a 8 IOS Which Maps Will Become More Relevant

The next great version of the Apple mobile platform could be announced during the next WWDC, which will probably be held in June. And in 8 iOS among other improvements, there will be a special attention to the maps.

So say sources close to the plans of Apple, which already has taken solid steps in this section with a Apple Maps that has improved significantly, especially after its disastrous release with the arrival of iOS 6.
Google did not take advantage of that initial failure to make fun of his competitor, probably as small revenge After the closure of its agreements with Apple during the last iteration of iOS.

Public transport and the AR in the crosshairs

Either way, Apple Maps has become the preferred choice for users, and 8 iOS Apple will make good use of its recent acquisitions in this area. Companies such as BroadMap, Embark and HotStop will make that the iOS maps database is more complete and efficient, with many points of interest and forms easy to find them and address them.

In addition, that, in the next version of this application will come another important feature: public transport routes, that will be integrated with information on how to reach our destiny through the train, metro and bus.

These maps of public transport will be initially available in some U.S. cities to then to expand its scope gradually to other North American cities and, later, in other countries of the world.

Apple plans are apparently beyond, and those responsible for this service could be working on a augmented reality functionality that it would combine the info from Apple maps with points of interest that we could see in our terminal. You can however not see that available in 8 iOS ocpion, although it is feasible to see it later according to these sources.

Another option that we are likely very prominent in 8 iOS will be the role of maps to the new terrain that Apple seems to want to conquer: cars. The recent launch of CarPlay makes precisely that option without doubt one which more sense charged in the new edition of a mobile platform that could also pay attention to the interior maps, matching thus little by little features that until now rivals – with Google Maps to the head – offered.