Apple Could Launch an IPhone 5 C 8GB This Week, According to Engadget

The iPhone 5 c It is not a best seller It is no secret (to the own Tim Cook acknowledged earlier this year in an interview that were not selling as many as they expected). The reason? According to Cook, the 5S iPhone has most caught the attention of people. And having both just a difference in price of 100 euros…

As well: now the aim of Apple seems to be lower the price of the iPhone 5 c to make it more attractive. How? According to leaked documents from O2 Germany which have accessed Engadget, Apple will release an iPhone 5 c 8GB of storage (compared to 16 or 32 GB current). Is your price? 60 euros less than the original 5-c iPhone. A supposed photograph of the box from one of these new terminals seem to confirm this rumor.

Other websites such as MacRumors, ensure the release tomorrow will be same. At the moment only leaks of Europe, have been though the logical thing would be to think we will meet before a worldwide release. Is it enough this fall in the price to attract new buyers? What will this mean for the iPhone 4S, that Apple keeps the sale as input terminal? Tomorrow, in theory, and according to all these rumors, we will leave doubts.