App to Recover a Lost or Stolen Mobile hone! Android and iOs!

Did you know that if you lose or have stolen your iPhone or android, you can easily track down its location using an app and the GPS system of the device? There are several applications available that can help. These applications use the GPS of your phone to locate it on any place of the globe. Some of them let you remotely erase the data on a phone and even take a photo of a person using the telephone, if it has a front-facing camera.

The Find My iPhone is a free app that can locate a lost iPhone. It can be used by anyone with an iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod touch 4th generation (iOS 4.2 or later). If you lose your Apple iPhone (AAPL), iPad, or iPod touch while on the go, just install the application Find My iPhone on another iOS device, open the program, and sign in with your Apple ID. However, the application must already be configured on the device that has been lost.

You will receive the location of your device on a map and you can choose to have it display a message or play a sound, remotely lock the device, or to permanently delete all your data, if you find that it will not be returned. For greater security, the application will automatically log off after 15 minutes, or you can manually exit at any time.

Just sign in with your Apple ID on the device and turn on Find My iPhone so you can locate it. Then, use the same Apple ID to enable Find My iPhone on your iOS the other 4.2 (or higher) devices, including iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod touch (2nd generation or later).

For Android phones, a good option is the Lookout, which works basically the same way. You have to think that the price of a replacement is not the only cost of a lost or stolen mobile device. Your personal information is irreplaceable. The Lookout helps you find your phone, having it been lost or stolen, quickly and easily, even if you are out of your hands.

Your phone can run, but cannot hide. The find function of the Lookout will find your phone on a map from your PC or other smartphone. If you want, you can even ask your Android to scream, sounding an alarm. Even if your phone is in silent mode, you can activate this alarm loud and hear it, if it is close by.

If you have lost your phone, and has no hopes to recover it, you can block the content that is already on it. Only that is option is only available in the paid version of the application. Which is not a bad thing, because that your personal data has no price. Making sure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands, you can also clean your data, including contacts, text messages, photos, emails, browser history, user accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter and Google).

Two apps, GadgetTrak and iHound, are available for iPhones and Android phones. Not all of these apps are free, but you can do some tests before you buy. Remember: all security is little time to deal with your personal data. Andvite that the crooks to continue selling their phones in the black market and make a good security of your device.