Anti-UV Swimwear UPF 50 + Sophie the Giraffe

Comes the time to go to the beach and the pool. We have the kids at home and touch enjoy the summer. To my little girl this July I have pointed it to an intensive short course pool. His brother began to swim with 5 months and now diving wonder. Sometimes so ran towards the beach that I forget to apply sunscreen and it is super important to put it half an hour before the exhibition. What I do not forget is never their swimwear anti-UV UPF 50 +.

Every year I find new brands. This time has touched Mayoparasol, pioneers in swimsuits anti-UV in France, whose seafaring collection has printed the giraffe Sophie. Do you know this cute toy? It is one of the most popular among babies, in fact is the number one selling of childcare product. In Spain distributed it BB Grenadine, as well as all its organic cosmetics (very good) and these swimsuits anti-UV will you meet them? So here I present them I.

Sophie the giraffe has more than 50 years of life why he like kids? Because they can chew it, launch it, tighten it easily to make it rattle… But we would have to ask the babies. The truth is that ultimately they recognize it and see it printed in their bathing suits also like. Mayoparasol, now reaching Spain and Portugal with its collection Sophie the giraffe bath of children. All their products respect the baby’s skin and are certified with the Oeko-Tex standard 100. They are French creation and production in Europe.

The collection of anti-UV swimwear UPF 50 + with the image of Sophie the giraffe are manufactured in nylon and Microfiber to protect from the Sun, without giving up any softness and comfort for children. Also it is important to note that drying is very fast so that the baby can be playing in the sand with the security of being protected from the Sun but also staff. They are resistant to chlorine and keep heat, which are very fresh. The touch is very soft and they wear zipper in the back, as well as snaps to change the baby easily.

This Sophie the giraffe bathing suit can be bought directly here in Homeagerly. If you you conectáis to your online store , you will see that you have different options: swimsuits for 3 to 18 months with Navy design, bathroom of short sleeve shirts and the culetin of bath for babies and children to play. You have until a shower Cap also sailor with anti-UV UPF 50 + and the same quick-drying fabric. All up to size 18 months. So if you wanted swimwear for babies with protection here you have a good brand.