Android Beats iOS on Vadertising Revenue for the First Time

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For the first time, generates more advertising revenue than the Android platform Apple’s iOS operating system, shows the survey.

Android surpasses in 1. quarter of 2015 Apple when it comes to both the total advertising traffic and revenues of these. It shows a study, as Opera Mediaworks stands behind each quarter.

The study shows that Android stands for 45.8% of the revenue generated from mobile advertising with 65.2% of all traffic in the 1. on a quarterly basis. Apple, which now must see itself outdone, however, manages to achieve almost the same income (45.5%), but on the other hand, only with 22.3% of all Web traffic.

Each iPhone, iPod, and iPad user generates therefore still more reklameintægter than an Android user, but due to widespread Androids at 68%, ends the total revenue higher than on the iOS platform.

The remaining 8.79% of revenue comes from BlackBerry with 2% respectively, Symbian with 1.3%, Windows with 0.1% and eventually other platforms, which stands for 5.5% of the revenue.


IOS beats Android on video revenues

On a specific area of advertising revenue have Google and the many producers, however, see themselves beaten by Apple. Video advertising is, according to the study in large growth with a marked increase in both the number of impressions and revenues therefrom, and here are doing Apple significantly better.
IOS achieves 56.6% of all advertising views, while it only is 42.8% on Android. It gets the iOS to stand behind 62.7% of revenues. It says Android only for just over a third, namely 36.2%.

In addition to these two areas have also made many more studies Mediaworks Opera about advertisements on smartphones, which you can read more about here.