All You Need to Know About Synoptic Table

All You Need to Know About Synoptic Table

In order to fully clarify the meaning of the term that concerns us, it is necessary, first of all, to discover the etymological origin of the two words that give shape to it:

-Table comes from Latin, exactly from “quadrum”, which is synonymous with “square” and which derives, in turn, from “quattuor”, which means “frame”.

-Synoptic, on the other hand, has its origin in the Greek. It is the result of the sum of the following elements: the prefix “syn-”, which means “with”; the noun “opsis”, which can be translated as “eye”, and the suffix “-tico”, which is used as a synonym for “related to”.

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The frame concept has multiple uses. On this occasion we are interested in its meaning as the graph that details the relationships between various data. Synoptic, on the other hand, is that linked to the synopsis : the summarized narration of a subject or the graphic representation that shows elements linked to each other.

These ideas allow us to move forward with the definition of a synoptic table. This is the name given to the exhibition in graphic format that, through various signs, simplifies the visualization of certain information.

The synoptic tables, therefore, combine words, phrases and signs to structure the data in a logical way and make it easier to read and memorize. In this way they help to assimilate content and acquire knowledge.

With a synoptic table it is possible to contrast different theories or thoughts. Thanks to its graphic layout, the differences and similarities between the concepts are clearly reflected through arrows, keys, brackets, boxes and other tools.

Let us suppose that a child must learn the countries of South America with their respective capitals. To study the information, she decides to make a synoptic chart. In the left sector of a sheet, he writes SUDAMERICA and then, from that term, he begins to draw an arrow by country: ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA, BRAZIL, CHILE, etc. Then he draws new arrows, this time one for each nation, to mention his capitals: thus he links ARGENTINA with BUENOS AIRES, BOLIVIA with SUCRE, BRAZIL with BRASILIA,CHILE with SANTIAGO and so on, until the entire synoptic table is completed.

Especially in the educational field, the use of synoptic tables is encouraged so that students can better learn the different subjects. Specifically, it is considered that these elements will allow them to enjoy advantages such as the following:

-Help memorize and assimilate ideas and concepts thanks to the fact that it establishes comparisons between them.

-It becomes a very useful tool for students who have a great visual memory.

-Allows you to create very clear analyzes of a specific topic or matter.

-It also gives the opportunity to make quick mental reviews.

As for its disadvantages, we cannot ignore the fact that some students may find it difficult to study them through their relationships and comparisons, specifically it will be difficult for them to memorize it.