All You Need to Know About Runner

All You Need to Know About Runner

According to, the term corridor can be used in different ways. The concept is used to name the athlete who is dedicated to running in sports competitions. For example: “The Jamaican runner won a new gold medal”, “Ethiopia is a country that has numerous top-level runners”, “The tournament will feature the participation of more than twenty runners who will come from various parts of the world”.

Racing car drivers are also called runners: “The German runner dreams of consecrating himself in the next race”, “Five runners were injured in a multiple collision on the first lap of the Italian Grand Prix”, “Many years ago there are no Argentinian runners in Formula 1”.

In economics, a broker is a person or company that acts as an intermediary, linking sellers with buyers in exchange for a commission. An insurance broker, in this framework, links insurance companies with individuals who may become their policyholders.

Brokers thus sell, buy or trade on behalf of others. Bookmakers, to cite another case, receive money from players who bet on a certain event and then pay the winners, keeping a commission.

A stockbroker is the natural or legal person who is hired to carry out advisory, investment or securities transaction work in certain commercial and financial markets. To be able to register with the Securities Superintendence and carry out this activity, it is first necessary to pass an aptitude test and give evidence of capital solvency.

In other words, we can say that stockbrokers are financial consultants to which certain companies and individuals go for advice before embarking on risky investments. The normal path to becoming a stockbroker requires firstly studying at the university level ; Until a few years ago, it was enough to have a gift and good contacts, but nowadays it is easier to get there with a degree.

Recommended majors for a job as a stockbroker include: business administration, accounting, mathematics, finance, and economics. In addition, it should be noted that the more prestigious the university, the more job opportunities will appear.

Before completing your studies, it is always appropriate to seek internships in brokerage houses to gain experience and have a more attractive resume. Future success largely depends on this step, although many prefer to do postgraduate studies and raise money to become more “reliable” candidates. As in almost all aspects of life, luck and chance play a fundamental role in this case.

The secret of a good stockbroker is in his vision, in his intuition, and for this, constant training is necessary, beyond the academic one. The title is just a key to find a good job interview, but success will only come to those who make the most effort, read, watch and learn at every step. The process of learning a subject never ends: the more we know, the more “gaps” we notice in our knowledge.

A corridor can also be a region made up of areas that share certain characteristics. That is the case of a biological corridor, a protected area so that certain species can recover. Other corridors of this type are road corridors (roads with specific conditions) and air corridors (routes that aircraft must follow).

The covered galleries that develop around a patio and the corridors of different buildings are also called corridors.