All You Need to Know About Preserve

All You Need to Know About Preserve

The term preserve can come from different etymological roots and, therefore, have different meanings. That is why its meaning varies according to the context.

In order to know the meaning of the term preserve, it is necessary, in the first place, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically, it comes from “cautus”, which can be translated as “cautious” or “prudent”.

When preserve derives from the Latin word cautus, it refers to a limited (or bounded) territory. A hunting ground, in this sense, is a specific space where the development of sport hunting is allowed. The rulers can establish a hunting reserve in an area and, under certain requirements, authorize people to hunt certain species.

In addition, the boundary marker is called the landmark or milestone that is placed with the aim of marking the division of a territory or property. These preserves are usually made of stone to resist inclement weather.

According to, another use of preserve derived from the Latin cautus is linked to a limit, whether physical or symbolic. If the president of a country affirms that his intention is to “put a stop” to layoffs, he will be indicating that he intends to protect labor sources and prevent the unemployment rate from continuing to grow.

Coto, on the other hand, may have its origin in the Quechua koto and refer to goiter: the inflammation that occurs in the thyroid gland.

Born in the Latin quotus, coto is a rate or a convention ; if it arises from cubĭtus, it is a linear measure equal to half a span.

In Argentina, Coto is a famous supermarket chain that was born as a butcher shop. It has more than one hundred branches and has about 19,000 employees. The name of the chain derives from the surname of its founder: Alfredo Coto.

In addition, we can also point out the existence of a district that responds to the name of Coto Ríos. It is located in the municipality of Santiago-Pontones, which belongs to the province of Jaén (Spain) and is located within the well-known Sierra de Segura.

It is an enclave that, at present, lives basically from tourism since many people visit it to enjoy its beautiful natural environment and the peace and tranquility that exists in the area.

A city in Costa Rica, a parish in Portugal, a river in Spain, a kind of monkey, and a fish are also called preserves.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that Coto is also the name of a famous television character in Spain. We are referring specifically to Coto Matamoros, a very controversial collaborator on the small screen who had great success in the 90s and who later practically disappeared from the world of fame due to various personal and health problems.

To all of the above, we can also add that there is a famous wine called El Coto. It belongs to the Rioja denomination of origin and has the particularity that it is made by hand. It has different varieties such as semi-sweet, white, pink or red.