All You Need to Know About NCIS

All You Need to Know About NCIS

According to abbreviationfinder, NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service. It is an American series of the year 2003, which deals with the subject of investigations in the US Marine Corps.


Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the leader of a team of Special Agents belonging to the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) Major Response Team for Navy-Related Cases. Gibbs, a former Marine sniper, is a tough investigator and highly skilled interrogator who relies on instinct as much as evidence. Gibbs’s second in command is Investigative Agent Tony DiNozzo, a womanizer, movie buff, and former Baltimore homicide detective, who despite being the class clown always gets the job done. Also on the team is field agent Ziva David, a former Mossad officer who is an expert combatant. Agent Timothy McGee, a computer expert and writer who became famous for a Best Seller on NCIS work, using his own co-workers, only changing their names in the book. Helping them in the lab is Abby Sciuto who is like a daughter to Gibbs. In the forensic study is Dr. Donald Mallard, who always has an anecdote of his life in each case and talks with the dead at the work table. The doctor is aided by medical student Jimmy Palmer.

The team is frequently assigned high-profile cases such as the death of the President’s nuclear missile adviser, a bombing event on a Navy warship, the death of a celebrity during a reality show on a United States Marine Corps base States, terrorist threats and kidnappings. However, they can be assigned any type of criminal case, as long as it is related to the Marine Corps or the Navy.

Actors and Characters

  • Mark Harmon: Special Agent Jethro Gibbs
  • Michael Weatherly: Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo
  • Cote de Pablo: Agent Ziva David
  • Pauley Perrette: Abby Sciuto
  • David McCallum: Dr. Donald Mallard
  • Sean Murray: Special Agent Timothy McGee
  • Brian DietzenJimmyPalmer


  • Season 1: 2003-2004
  • Season 2: 2004-2005
  • Season 3: 2005-2006
  • Season 4: 2006-2007
  • Season 5: 2007-2008
  • Season 6: 2008-2009
  • Season 7: 2009-2010
  • Season 8: 2010-2011
  • Season 9: 2011-2012
  • Season 10: 2012-2013
  • Season 11: 2013-2014
  • Season 12: 2014-2015
  • Season 13: 2015-2016
  • Season 14: 2016-