All You Need to Know About Contact

All You Need to Know About Contact

From the Latin contactus, contact is the action and effect of touching two or more things or people. For the contact to exist there must be some kind of relationship, link, link or encounter. For example: “I am in contact with a Chinese businessman to analyze the possibility of exporting our products”, “The repetition of the play shows that there was a contact: the judge, therefore, had to sanction a fault”, “Miguel has many contacts in the television field ”.

The contact can refer to the deal that is established between two or more people or organizations. Today, thanks to advances in technology, contact can be physical or virtual. People who are added in digital systems such as instant messaging programs or social networks are even known as contacts: “Yesterday I added your cousin among my contacts”, “My son is proud because he has more than a hundred contacts on his MSN”.

Physical contact can be a friction, a shock or another type of encounter, either casual or provoked. The notion, however, is often used as a euphemism to refer to a sexual encounter : “She says that she was dating me, but I swear I never had intimate contact with her”, “There was no physical contact between them, for therefore it is impossible for my client to be the father of the child ”.

In this sense, it must be emphasized that, thanks to the development of the Internet, there are many websites on the Internet that are called contact pages. As its name suggests, the objective of these spaces is none other than that people can meet and from there be able to start a relationship, be it sentimental, sexual or friendship.

The busy pace of life that we lead in today’s society is one of the main reasons that lead many people not to go out too much and that means that they do not find a partner. However, now thanks to these websites they can find the person they want, with whom they share hobbies and hobbies, with whom they coincide in objectives…

Thus, many couples are proud to say that they were formed thanks to a contact page such as Meetic or eDarling, among many others.

A photograph, personal data such as age and name, city of residence, hobbies and what they are looking for when entering that website are some of the questions that all users must specify.

Regarding electricity, a contact is a connection between two parts of an electrical circuit. The electrical contact implies the closing of a circuit through the union of two elements: “Be careful with that wire: it has contact”, “I touched the screen and it gave me contact”.

In addition to all this, we would also have to emphasize that there is also what is known as a contact lens. Lentilla is the name that receives, in the same way, one that we can say is a small elastic disk that is placed in the eyes, specifically on what the cornea is, and that allows those who have some type of refractive defect to see without no problems.