All You Need to Know About Anxiety

All You Need to Know About Anxiety

To fully understand the term that concerns us now, it is necessary to proceed to discover its etymological origin. In this case we can state that it derives from the Catalan word “congoixa”, which, in turn, comes from the Latin “congustia”. A word the latter that is the result of the sum of two differentiated parts:
-The prefix “with”, which means “together”.
-The noun “anguish”, which is synonymous with “anguish” and “drowning”.

According to, the term grief refers to anxiety, sadness or anguish. Whoever is distressed suffers from a mental malaise. For example: “Conch due to the death of the actress”, “Broken by grief, the woman leaned back on the sofa, not wanting to do anything”, “With great anguish I had to inform the workers that the company will close its doors due to economic problems ”.

Anxiety is a common emotion that arises in certain situations that cause pain. The feeling can be externalized through crying or remain inside the individual.

Anxiety usually appears in the face of uncertainty and is linked to anxiety. When a person is fired from his job, to cite one case, he may feel heartbreak as he worries about how he will be able to meet his material needs without receiving a salary. The future, with this outlook, is uncertain and makes the subject have difficulty managing anxiety. This negative charge can translate into different negative emotions, including heartbreak.

In some people, grief resembles fatigue or listlessness, making the emotional sufferer want to stay home or in bed most of the time. Others in distress, on the other hand, move excessively and frantically, unable to control their anxiety.

In order to overcome that grief, a series of tips and recommendations should be taken into account such as these:
-The person must recognize that he is suffering and also the reason that causes it.
-Of course, you have to be more affectionate with yourself, love yourself and pamper yourself a little more.
-You do not have to “close in band” to others. Trust loved ones and ask for help and support.
-In order to overcome grief, it is essential that the person is aware of their situation, of the cause that has caused it and also that they are clear that they want to overcome it.

Feeling distress at certain times or situations is normal: it is a reaction to something that affects us. But if this emotion extends too much or is combined with other similar ones, the person may require psychological assistance to get ahead.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore either that anguish is the name of a medicinal plant native to Mexico that is widely used. Thus, we can highlight that it is used by cooking its leaves because these will serve both to heal wounds in the throat and to end earaches and even to heal bleeding ulcers.

All You Need to Know About Anxiety