A Security Bug in IOS 7 Can Prevent That We Recover a Lost IPhone

The property”Find my iPhone”(that also works for the iPad and even for Mac) is one of the most valued when it comes to retrieve devices lost or stolen, something especially common since these products are target of many”bad guys”.

However it has discovered that this feature is a victim of a 7 IOS and IOS 7.1 bug that can make it impossible to recover those smartphones or tablet iPad via this method.
A user called Miguel Alvarado has published a video demonstration that shows as “caco” would have to make a simple operation for turn off that possibility of recovery on the iPhone in question. Thus, it is enough to press the “Next” button on the wizard of find my iPhone and at the same time press the button “Delete account” in the configuration of iCloud.

That will make that the iPhone Bill associated with iCloud disappears without having to enter any password, which then would make perfectly feasible to the thief to connect your iPhone to iTunes, delete all your data and restore it without any problems.

Of course, to be able to do all that the thief should have access to the preferences of the device, something which again shows the important thing is to establish a lock PIN or at least system present in the iPhone 5S fingerprint authentication.