A New Apple Patent Double Sensor Anticipates an IPhone with Rear Camera

Patents are a very reliable information source. That a company registers an innovation does not guarantee that it will be exploited commercially, but, at least, gives us clues about what is being cooked in large companies. And Apple, once again, they are «cooking» something very interesting.

A new patent registered a few days ago by the Cupertino company describes a technology that will allow manufacturing devices with camera significantly finer than the current ones. To achieve this it proposes the use of two sensors thinner than the single sensor usually chambers of smartphones, tablets and laptops incorporating.

The patent document reflects the possibility of using a sensor to capture only the information provided by the intensity of the light)brightness), and the other sensor would perceive the color. The sensors that we currently use perform the two functions, resulting in having a thickness substantially greater. Is certainly an ingenious proposal, which, according to Apple, also allows to improve the quality of the pictures because this ‘Division’ of the sensor increases the signal/noise ratio.

But this is not the only technology which talks about this patent. He also mentions a new function, called Adaptive Security, that will allow the smartphone security protocols to adapt to the place in which we find ourselves. In this way, when we are at home we could unlock it only by entering a PIN four-digit, but outside our home could see us obliged, in addition, to identify ourselves through our fingerprint. It is not badly intended.