7 Signs That You are Moving the Leg in the Fixed Telephony Operator

Between the unexplained fees, roaming charges, credits that disappear with no explanations, and other details, the operators of mobile telephony in the fill with traps in their contracts in packages of services. Or, in other cases, they offer “deals” that are not there so advantageous, but you end up signing the contract because he deceives himself with what was offered.

The good news is that with the negative results by the carriers in recent years, they have considerably changed the way you act with your customers, in spite of being changes as well shy. While we wait for them, we need to rely on the good will and, especially, to understand where a service provider may today be of you going to the leg, for you to pursue their rights and better negotiations.

Tying in the Form of Multiple Services Together

The operators can no longer do combined sale, or shall compel thee to purchase a service to have another. This has been very common. You had to buy the TV to have access to the internet, for example. Today, such a bundling does not exist, but happens in a different way.

To sell certain products and to achieve goals, the operators results in the sale of products and services that are exempt, by encouraging packages. For example, the internet which costs X, if it is purchased with the package of TV comes out for X/2. The problem is that, in the contract, usually the price of these packages are “married” are more expensive in 6 months to a year, and the only package of the service that you wanted is cheaper. If you already have a package, “married”, in the great majority of the time, the companies cancel the second service and keeps the same price for the service you really need without any problem.

Rate to Update the Modem/Router

With more connected devices, some modems and routers do not give account of the amount of connections. Therefore, it is necessary the replacement of these modems, often provided by the operators themselves. Some of them charge for this service, but should not, because the modem or router does not work properly is a technical problem and therefore, stated in the contract. Now, want to change a modem with WiFi to a modem 4G, for example, is already a service that the mobile operator might charge you, because you are changing the type of technology of the modem and to the nature of the service provided.

International Roaming Rates Guys

Even the plans made for international use are very expensive. More expensive than you buy a chip pre paid overseas and use it there, just for comparison. The international roaming then, nor speak. Some operators try to encourage their customers to use roaming, but it is a shot in the foot this expense, and it is a way of them making more money on top of consumer who is not well informed.

Unlimited Data Plan is Unlimited?

Has a lot service provider selling unlimited data plan, but, in fact, do not have anything unlimited. Or the plan has limitation in speed, or the plan has a limitation on the maximum amount of data per month. This is a fact. Even though it is a very high amount for the limit, the operator will place a limitation to the use of the data plan. Therefore, when you see advertisements for “unlimited data plan”, or if you already have one, you know that for sure, it has some limitation behind this service.

To Unify All the Accounts to Work Out Cheaper

Not always to unify all the accounts leaves a service or set of services cheaper. Services such as Oi conta Total, for example, were for a long time advantageous for those who want more of a unified service, and they actually come out cheaper. However, times have changed, and this may not be true in all cases. You will not use all the services of the package, will not use all the minutes, and put it all together in a thing will only end up leaving more expensive. It is worth here to put everything on paper, calculate it, and see what is cheaper: to buy the services separately or buy them all in a unified package.

Pre Paid, Post Paid, Control: Careful with the Choice

Has a lot of operator that calls its employees “consultants”, and they are placed as the most appropriate to indicate the type of service most suitable to your profile: pre paid, control, post paid, etc. These “consultants”, with rare exceptions, are in fact salespeople with targets to be beats, that means that they will not indicate the best service or product for your needs, but the service or product that meets the needs and goals of them. Our recommendation is that you take time to analyse your consumption data and use of the telephone, and from there decide what is the best type of plan for your profile. In our experience, we can say that almost always, the plans control offer the best cost/benefit, and the plans pre paid card and recharge are the worst possible, although in both cases there are exceptions. Choosing the wrong plan will result in costs as well high for you.

People Have Difficulty to Get in Contact With You

Not every connection is completed, and not the entire message reaches its final recipient. And the operators has no way of knowing that, through current technologies. If your friends has had difficulty in completing the connections, it may be a sign that the carrier is not investing in infrastructure, and therefore, the tendency is to pass on to present even more problems in the future. It’s a way for her to pass the leg, postponing investments and cost increases.

Do you know any way that a service provider may be experiencing the leg and that we do not put in this article? Which? As a carrier already took advantage of you and did it take you to realize?