30s Hairstyle Olympic Roller with Tutorial

30s Hairstyle Olympic Roller with Tutorial

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The role of Olympia is a women’s hairstyle that mid of 1930s in Germany came into fashion.

30s Hairstyle Olympic Roller with Tutorial

Its name goes back to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

It is a hairstyle trend that worldwide worn in slightly modified forms.

The Schildkröt, doll Inge, created for the Olympic Games in 1936, wears an Olympic role.

The Olympic role, the hair is pulled deep in the neck and pinned up with a role that is beaten to the top.

So unlike a page boy, a haircut of the same time on the hair to a bolster is attached downward. Often, the Olympic role is combined with the so typical of the 30s water waves in the front area.

The Olympic role is by the way not classically inspired and the Venus de Milo is also not an example of this hairstyle, I don’t know who writes such a nonsense in the wikipedia. Hairstyles of Roman and Greek antiquity are considerably more elaborate and include small ringlets and many interwoven elements. Water waves were not worn at that time at all.

The page boy, however, was established by Egyptian models and is rooted in the interest of the people of archaeological excavations and discoveries in Egypt. It’s so actually classically inspired.

Olympia Roll Tutorial

Divide the hair into a front and rear area.

Front drag side parting or centre parting. A centre parting has left and right a half wave. In a side parting, putting a whole wave on the long side and the short sidee half shaft.

Secure waves with hair clips or surfers. Here my water waves manual, if you never did that.

Ends in according a PIN curl run out and brand.

Back hair now after taking up around about an elongated wrap hair pads/node role and stuck.

The Olympic role was partially pulled very far forward in the face over the ears. For this, you need a really long roll or two individual or just a little more hair than I have then

Very nice, it looks anyway, if you put the PIN curl of the wave about the beginning of your role and both elements merge.

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