Will 10 HTC Be That Make Be Reborn a La Mark Taiwanese Success?

Yesterday we had a very interesting presentation of the new flagship of HTC, HTC 10. And we have seen a total Makeover on what had been offering us in the past, with a few disappointing results.

Is this renewal the revulsive HTC needed to return to the top of the Android scene? Will it be a bestseller that return to HTC to the path to profitability that much-needed? Or we have a new failure of the Taiwanese brand?

HTC 10, a mobile pointer…

Undeniable is that HTC has launched an outstanding product, at least on paper and in first impressions stands out. Failing to analyze in depth the camera we have a round terminal.

First thing he has done is to renew lines, which were already very stale from years ago. We now have a mobile cleaner, without giving up the metal casing that few manufacturers dare, with a few more in line with the current lines. Resignation, finally, to the logo on the front and the capacitive buttons.

And to the terminal does not lack anything: power, betting on the chipset of the moment, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820; memory 4 GB RAM; versions of 32 and 64 GB without sacrificing the expansion SD memory card; footprints in the front sensor; microUSB type-c; and a camera that, on paper, will compete again in the higher range.

…but without disruptive innovations

But, there is always a but, this HTC 10 does not bring disruptive innovations. And it is not because they do not know in HTC innovation, it is because for a few years I no them, no manufacturer. The last great addition to mobile phones have been readers of footprints and now even some low ranges take him.

This is a problem of the industry in general. When any terminal is able to bring a good camera (Sony sells very good sensors), a good processor (have the Snapdragon 820 is a matter of pay for it) and in general the specifications are very similar, differentiate themselves is very complicated.

Before this wave of commoditization of mobile phones which have seen appear is a new media supergama: phones with cutting-edge specifications, with some compromise, that Yes, and prices are a step below range Bush them. In other words, what we have seen is a drop in prices in all ranges, with a few who resist.

HTC continues to maintain its policy of high range

On the other hand HTC still committed to remove a terminal a year of high prices around the 800 euros, as it seems that only Samsung and Apple do to monetize. It is true, HTC does in this HTC 10 commitments, thus moves one step of the Middle supergama but at the cost of a higher price.

This HTC policy is key to their survival. Chinese brands competition is brutal, with high quality products and competitive prices. If you decide to go down to the following range is tough competition and lower margins. At the top there are less people, it is true. But It nonetheless to be much competition.

HTC has it complicated

HTC problem is that it has removed a terminal very interesting just when Samsung has released a round terminal, at similar prices, with much more investment in marketing and some additive such as water resistance.

We must not forget that Apple launched the iPhone, a somewhat cheaper terminal that can do harm to Android at the bottom. And of course, who is facing 10 HTC desire also has a half supergama enticing, as tighter price.

HTC has it complicated. He has released a very interesting product, but at a time when the competition is very tough. The commoditization of the Android phones is evident, and there HTC tries to highlight, with the downside that other powerful brands are trying to do the same. And I think that in this context it does very complicated.