Weimei We Plus, Analysis: Thin, Efficient and with Flashes of Personality

Has been a few months in operation, but Weimei It is beginning to have a name, at least in Spain. This young startup was unveiled at the end of 2015 with the presentation of a pair of mid-range models that share heart but differ on everything else.

It has been a strategy of price and very aggressive quality that has been shown in their first two mobile, the We and We Plus. Its brief history and philosophy that is behind Weimei told it its young CEO and founder Juan Yuan to our colleagues from Engadget Mobile.

We are going to analyze the Weimei We Plus to check whether it meets what promised.

Technical specifications

As we all know, European mobile companies engaged in the design of hardware and software work, but the final models and components come from Asia. This company has sealed a partnership with a manufacturer that is little known in Europe but with a serious career in his country of origin, Gionee.



Physical dimensions 151,9 x 74.6 x 6.9 mm
145 grams
Screen 5.5 inch super AMOLED
Resolution 720 x 1280 (320/267 DPI)
Screen-to-body ratio: 77.8%
Processor MediaTek MT6753 of 8-core Cortex-A53 1.3 GHz
Graphics processor ARM Mali-T720
Memory 32GB (expandable with up to 128GB microSD card)
Operating system 5.1 Android Lollipop
weOS version
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a/c/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
4g LTE (category 4)
GPS, Glonass
Rear camera 13 CMOS megapixel camera and LED flash opening f/2.0
Autofocus in 0, 1s
FullHD recording at 30 fps
Front camera CMOS 5 megapixel camera and aperture f/2.2
Recording at 720 p
Battery 3. non-removable 150mAh
Other USB Type-C
It loads fast 5V2A
Extreme mode
Reference price 289,90 euros

Weimei has chosen to equip the We Plus a mixture of first and second-tier components, and any absence as the NFC reader, which one to get global respectable image without firing the price.

As her little brother, mounted a MediaTek MT6753 SoC with eight-core Cortex-A53 to 1.3 GHz, support for 64-bit and ARM Mali GPU-T720, a chip that is widely used for its balance between performance and efficiency. To not play it in terms of reliability have been around with 3 GB of RAM LPDDR3 and 32 GB of internal storage expandable with microSD cards.

From its internal memory, which is double, the differences start with Weimei We. They are much more obvious on the outside since the level of the Model Plus metal finishes is superior and your USB port Type-C makes it more practical.

It also surprises by having gotten the Samsung touch from two points of view. First, with your 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen front of the IPS of the simple model. Then, having scrapped for rear camera Sony sensor by the 13 megapixel Samsung S5K3M2XXM5.

The increase in screen and, therefore, of size have brought with them a battery of 3. 150mAh. In principle should be more than enough to give a good life to this terminal which, just in case, offers several levels of adjustment of consumption. The best thing is it has failed to keep its slim line.

These are their weapons to compete in the range of smartphones up to 300 euro, a price that every time there is to choose from with varied characteristics that should already be good performance guarantee.

Thin, light and stylish

The first impression against a Weimei Plus is very good. It is true that ahead is one of those generic Android facing Apple, with a white front just annoying that the brands of camera, earphone and the sensor on the top, more a few small buttons in chrome tone very discrete in the lower part. So small that not always is always match with ease, and also are ordered to reverse than the standard of Google, though that’s already going by likes.

While does not have curved screen, the large proportion of screen with respect to the total space is always good news. Even more so when the mobile is as thin as this, that with less than seven millimetres thick and so much height appear even slimmer (4.1 mm data refers to the side frame).

Panel protrudes from its metal frame to give a sensation of bending and easier access with your fingers to hold it. The rear Yes brand an edge that has been covered with a small rubber band which helps grip. The idea is good, but it comes off too easily, so it only remains in the attempt. The casing part at a sandwich to two shades of grey, both with rough texture, which just highlights the logo of the company and the camera. All very discreet, but it does not stop you dance something to be supported.

Its framework also helps to beautify the overall image, above all thanks to the auctions in the USB port, the minijack white (that is above, I prefer it as well for the Pocket) and slots for antennas, two symmetrically placed two at the bottom and at the top of the sides. Only two physical buttons, both on the right and with very good touch and travel.

Together, all these elements make be not only mobile appeal but is comfortable despite its 5.5 inches. But the best thing is the light that feels those 145 grams.

Good screen, just resolution

The big surprise of this smartphone is its Super AMOLED panel, with all the benefits of using against a conventional IPS screen that often assemble middle range mobiles. Therefore, collect all its virtues as a vibrant exhibition of colors or a perfect viewing angle from any perspective

In what Weimei may have been somewhat short is the resolution to choosing the HD 1280 x 720 pixels, rather than a more appropriate for its size FullHD. Thanks to its quality, sharpness, and the definition of the images is good, but it has been at about 267 point per inch. Very fair for the stiff competition that has to deal with in this segment but enough to not cause bad feeling during use.

The display in all kinds of illuminations is correct, although it does not offer a level of brightness too high. In fact, given much better dark environments thanks to their minimum ranges. Automatic calibration system works poorly, it takes to adjust and not always choose the correct lighting.

Performance and benchmarks

We’ve already seen plenty of smartphones with MediaTek chips of mid-range along with 3G of RAM, so there are not too many surprises about what we can expect this hardware as such. And as the software included is quite neutral, the overall performance is good.

Weimei We Plus (MT6753) Meizu M2 Note (MT6753) WIKO Fever (MT6753)
AnTuTu 38.284 points 30.582 points 33.910 points
Quadrant 23.336 points 16.536 points 21.456 points
Geekbench 3 (single / multi) 637 / 2,924 points 618 / 2,368 points 614 / 2.863 points

Here we can see what the result of the test in some benchmarks in comparison with a pair of terminals with similar specs El Weimei We Plus improves what they have accomplished but has the advantage that your panel is not FullHD as the rivals.

Performance for everyday use is more than optimal, and it just chokes using the all apps close button at the same time. The media players and video games with polygonal design also moving to perfection and with a constant fps rate. Being demanding, shows a little more awkward in regards to starting time.

At all times we have more than 2 GB of RAM at our disposal, which will be managing too loosely. It also has a button to open applications on hand within the menu displays recent which does not give any laziness always have to clean.

By its slim dimensions, weight, and your screen did not appear to bring a big battery, but this is another of its surprises. Resists almost five hours of intense performance and on screen and can be complete with a normal weekend day combined with its extreme mode during the night. To load it completely does lack something more than time and a half.

Can you improve a pure Android?

It is not a statement that is camouflaged between interrogations, this is when you open that eternal debate. But the We Plus Weimei has left me feeling that their creators are behind this concept with its layer weOS.

Happens to be a fairly respectful version of Google’s operating system, although with much effort to resemble iOS. There are two very important decisions: the first, remove the drawer of applications; the second, send quick settings access menu to the bottom of the screen, separate notifications, which are up as always.

Its design is good, spacious and clear, and allows hollow to many buttons, even some unexpected as the phantom call or the calculator. The result is dubious for a user of Android because it’s a change of habit that makes it difficult to adapt to that position. And because you must enable its activation on applications, which can be a little confusing.

There’s not much to say about the applications installed, although by what he read of it Yes He hoped that you arrived a little cleaner. In addition to the generic Google brings a doubling of almost all the utilities, such as the Gallery, music player, email client or calendar. More own content are a pair of customization apps, as Chameleon and Theme Park, as well as button Suspend as of Huawei which comes in very handy to manage large screens, flexible screen shots and a system administrator very clear which invites have always ready mobile.

Not a single error of operation has given me this young weOS in the weeks of testing. Always operative, fluid and fast. A great job of software.

Cameras for use at specific moments

The other big change between the basic model and Weimei We Plus is in the Chambers. The Spanish company Sony has changed by Samsung to win in optical quality and get more performance to a very successful photography application as well.

S5K3M2XXM5 sensor and its six lenses make photos of up to 9.312 x 6.976 pixels and FullHD video at 30 frames per second. The result is good, both in good lighting conditions and situations thanks to a fairly current flash and a night mode that brings out the best of your optics. The image stabilizer also meets its mission with guarantees, more to take photos to record video.

If you don’t have an app for the camera that always take with you when you change mobile, which Weimei has included going to leave more than satisfied. It is very fast in all, both for the opening and shot the post-processing in any of its many options.

I am not speaking only of a full pro mode to calibrate all parameters (also shutter speed and exposure) or a series of filters, this app brings more than one dozen of useful ways. As a blast to look after the better use, a great blur or the creation of gifs.

Of all these options, the most striking is one that has been called Ultra Pixel combining five catches at full resolution to improve the maximum outcome. It produces images of about 12 MB of weight that looks like that shown in the photograph to a painting in the Gallery.

Also gives good result the front, 5 megapixel camera, capable of taking images with a sharpness that is decent, not like the majority of mid-range mobile front camera, except those that are destined to the selfies.

See complete gallery┬╗ photos Weimei We Plus (13 photos)

The opinion of Engadget

Great work of this young start-up Spanish, which with its second mobile has been able to rethink their software and their hardware base to offer something different, and without going price. Perhaps that is the reason why details are still lacking as the footprint, the NFC reader sensor or the display 2, 5 d, although this last is more than determined either by design.

It is true that in the hardware they had help of Gionee, but your choice of materials and components is optimal to care for Western markets without forgetting its cost structure. But the best is in the software, nothing intrusive interpretation that weOS makes Android that allows you to maintain a high-performance and efficient spending of the battery. Special mention also your camera, is the quality that is expected for the super middle range.

I would like to remind his promise to resolve technical problems in just five working days and, of course, from Spain. A guarantee that convinces many less experienced buyers and that, so read on comment pages, at the moment is being fulfilled.

Weimei We Plus is a very good choice for those who want a complete and efficient Android smartphone without passing the barrier of 300 euros.

In favour

  • Total balance between all its components
  • Super AMOLED display and a great ratio of front
  • weOS, light and fluid
  • Good battery which does not affect its dimensions
  • The use of the camera through your app


  • The location of the Quick Settings toolbar
  • No NFC or fingerprint sensor falls short on extras


The phone has been granted for tests by Weimei. You can consult our policy of relations with companies