Vainglory, One of The Contenders for Best MOBA for Mobile Finally Comes to Android

Long ago we did a review to the main MOBA for Android (you know, those games type League of Legends, DotA 2…) and saw how one of the best options that had was The Witcher: Battle Arena. Well, it seems that the game of the sorcerer a very fierce competitor from today itself went: Vainglory.

This game, created by Studio Super Evil Megacorp, It is not new in the world of mobile phones. In their day debuted in iOS and now comes an adaptation for Google’s operating system. You can play both smartphones and tablets and is without a doubt a clear candidate for best MOBA on a device with these characteristics.

A strong candidate for best MOBA for Android

Vainglory not hidden in no time his inspiration in League of Legends and company. Aesthetically is a very similar game, technically very powerful and with an artistic direction similar to the most famous game in this genre. They do very well and that despite these platitudes, they do create a unique universe and that it radiates charisma.

The development of games is the same as in other games, games on computers where the strategy is essential to put an end to the opposing team, and in this case, your glass. The mechanics of game has depth, many variations due to the objects and the skills of each character tree… However, there is a very interesting detail: controls.

Controls are a recurring problem in the adaptation of certain genera to mobile devices. It is not always easy to change a physical control (or a keyboard and a mouse in this case) for touch pads. However, Vainglory solve it very well for that playing with two fingers is very comfortable.

To play Vainglory We will not be worth any device. It is a demanding game that will ask us to at least have a mid-range device onwards and also enough free memory space because it takes a little more than 2 GB. If you have a Xperia M4 Aqua or similar, and you anticipate that you are not going to use it.

The game is free but includes payments within the application to buy additional content. If earnestly fulfill the requirements and you like the genre (or simply are curious to explore it and see what you can do) It is worth to take a look. The games are fast and do not have a very high input for beginners in the gender barrier.

Vainglory strategy games

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Super Evil Megacorp
  • Download: Google Play