Torchlight, One of The Best Games Diablo Type Will Come to Android at The End of 2015

Torchlight in his day he was surprised by offering a dungeon crawler Diablo-style, but with a design adapted to the times that run. He did well with his two deliveries for consoles and PC, but now it is time to go further and jump to Android by the end of the year. E3 does not leave out Android, although their presence is very small.

The adaptation will be by Fedeem Games and it will not be a port to use where everything will remain the same. You will keep the original formula but adapting it so play on a touch screen is as fun and easy as using a physical control. Have a little patience, because at the moment they have taught a little.

A renovated and adapted classic

PR unfortunately neither Runic nor Fedeem have shown images of this version of Torchlight for mobile devices. It will touch us to wait a bit and content ourselves with a few artworks that know a little but we have made it clear that the artistic direction will be very similar to the general game.

If you want to know when will be arriving, they have enabled a form for registering and receive more news. It seems very unlikely that there is a prior beta so we will have to wait until end of the year to enjoy the full game.

On the price or how is managed the game nor know nothing. Probably end up having a simple model where we will pay for the content and ready. A free to play poorly led could turn a good game into a rather tortuous experience.